On Noise, Wildness and Rowdies...

<b>The Coach Asks:</b> Is it my imagination, or do other teams travel better than we do?

Seriously - At times during home games you'd think that we were the visitors. Heck, We even let the visiting fans sit behind their own team's bench...

Lets face it, our student section, the Wild Side, should spread around behind the visitor's bench, along with the section under the other basket. Our student cheering section should surround the band, the visiting team's bench and force any their fans up into the clouds.

When NU dumped the self proclaimed name "Welsh Ryan Rowdies" in favor of the "Wild Side" they created a name they could control. But had they also retained the Rowdy name, they would have had a great opportunity to expand the student section into a vehicle to attract the young NU alumni.
Here's my suggestion:
Take the section under the basket where the band sits and keep that as the "Wild Side," and expand it to take in the area behind the visitor's bench.

Then market the young alumni - sell them the seats under the other basket. Call them the "Welsh Ryan Rowdies." Get special rugby shirts and have them cheer for the Cats in competition with the "Wild Side."

Could you imagine the cheers you could set up?

Wild Side: Lets Go
Rowdies: Cats

Back and forth -
do "Air - Ball" the same way.
After the game, they could all go and stand behind the visiting radio guys during their post game show and drown out their coach's interview with inane cheering just like the Michigan State fans do.
-- da Coach

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