Random Thoughts: Cats on the Bubble, Bubble

According to Fox, Northwestern's Basketball Wilcats are just "Waiting to get in," along with Dayton, Cincinnati and, Wichita State.

In my humble opinion....

That long comeback against the Gophers shows we have the ability to come back in games something that should count with the selection folks, even if it leaves us on the bubble to make the bubble.

And I'll take that too, especially since Perdoo has now moved up to #4 (?) in the coaches poll. It makes our win in January that much more important.

Add in the Big 10's penchant for knocking off leaders, NU could run the table, and/or go deep in the Big 10 Tourney to make the bubble then the dance.

And consider last night's (Monday 2/15), #1 Kansas was almost upset by #23 A&M - yes it was in College Station, but it was quite a scare for the Jayhawks.

Then there was #3 Villanova losing to UConn. It seems the selection committee is going to have quite a job since nobody is a clear - out front - leader right now and none of the usual suspects are looking like final four teams either.

It almost takes the sports guy's attention away from the lack of snow in Vancouver.


Anyway, Yes, I'll take the "bubble long shot" status - it's the best chance the Cats have had in a long time.

--da Coach

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