Random Thoughts: Those bleepin Lions

Yup, those ****** Nittany Lions did it to us again, shutting down NU's 3 point machine, and figuring out the 1-3-1 zone. Yes it was a depressing night all around.

After the game, Carmody sounded just totally bummed out - he said he changed (adjusted ?) some of the 1-3-1 coverage but couldn't get any pressure on the wings.

All of State Penn's starters hit double figures and they made their 3's.

John Shurna started hot, and finished with 17, but as Kaplan noted after the game that he seemed to disappear in the 2nd half.

Frosh Drew Crawford only scored 5, with 3 rebounds. It seems that someone figured out how to keep him from scoring and sent out an e-mail.

NU was one FG and 2 FT's behind at the turn, but couldn't stop the Lions when it counted. Add a dismal 29% 3 point shooting in the 2nd half and you can see why the Cats couldn't come back this time.

If we don't get a bid, and it is looking awfully shaky out on the bubble's bubble, it's because we didn't beat the "beatable" teams down the stretch.

A win at Wisconsin Sunday would certainly raise the RPI, and winning the rest of our games will help, but Iowa and State Penn were two games we almost had to have.

Oh well, there's always the Big 10 Tournament.

Go Cats.

-- daCoach

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