Motivation - Bill Carmody Style

If you're a coach, you want your team to play the same way every game, every minute. <br><br>So what do you do if you're NU Coach <b>Bill Carmody</b> with a team that seems to come out with a different personality each game, each half, even after a time out...

It could be the NU Wildcat Theme for 2002-2003:
How can we play like two different teams in one game?
Its a question that NU Coach Bill Carmody seems to ask over and over, (and one we certainly won't try to address) but you get the feeling it comes down to motivation.

AP Photo - Al GoldisYou could see the Wildcats pick up the pace during the game Wednesday. Jitim Young [AP Photo - Al Goldis] was later quoted as telling T.J. Parker, "We can beat this thing," after which the Cats made up 22 of the 27 points they were behind. That's a result of some kind of  motivation, something touched on during the Big 10 Teleconference this week.

This year we've seen teams thrown out of their locker rooms - dressing in the parking lot before a game, we can all remember Bobby [Hoosier Daddy] Knight throwing chairs - he's still suspending players for not hustling. Much has been made about different Big 10 teams not playing with intensity - some coaches [Indiana's Mike Davis] talk about "leadership," and even Bob Self has talked to players this year about "lack of fire."

So what about Coach Carmody - there are rumors that he's redecorated the NU locker room at halftime at least once - does he ever pull those  "motivational stunts?"
I haven't done any of that stuff...I don't think I'm one of these guys you call a "great motivator."

Motivation [to me] is just rely on your work habits and you fall back on your habits all the time in pressure situations  - if you have good habits ... that's what come through for you .

Sometimes you have to shake things up - sometimes you might have to have a kid on the bench, not so much as punishment, but to give him a different look.

I don't go for all that stuff myself. I guess it could be effective.
You could question trying to use tricks on a team like Northwestern, easily one of the "smartest" academically in the NCAA. You can find comments from NU players about how sitting the bench helps them see what is happening on the court better.

Bill Carmody looks to his mentor - Pete Carrill from when they were at Princeton...
I was an assistant coach for a long time, and watched the way he [Carrill] worked, and I did the things that he did in that regard, keep working hard on the fundamentals, and eventually its going to come through.

We do these little, we called them "con jobs" - it might help in the short run, but in the long run you have to have good guys - they have to be good players  and again fall back on your habits - you develop good habits  and they come through for you.
If you watch Carmody, and the rest of the NU coaches work with the players, you can see that constant drilling of fundamentals, and calm pressure to continue to improve.

 And the other coaching style that Coach Carrill and Carmody share?
 He used to yell at guys a lot...
Go Cats - Beat 'em All!
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