Will Beyer buy in?

Purple Reign talked with Brennan Beyer, a four-star defensive end with an offer from Northwestern. Beyer, who is planning an upcoming trip to Notre Dame, talked about Northwestern's early offer, what he's looking for on visits and if he has plans to stop by Evanston.

For every Miles Shuler, there is a Brennen Beyer.

That's not to say for every receiver, there is a linebacker. Or for every three-star recruit, there is a four-star recruit. Or for every New Jersey prospect, there is one from Michigan.

Instead, for every chatty, eager-to-talk prospect, there is one who is the antithesis: brief, plainspoken, businesslike. Neither group is better, although one is certainly easier to interview.

Purple Reign caught up with Beyer, a four-star defensive end from Canton, Mich., on Sunday to ask about Northwestern, which has offered, and any possible campus-visit plans. Beyer agreed to an interview and then proceeded to prove just how different recruits' personalities and styles can be.

When asked when Northwestern offered, Beyer simply said, "They were pretty early." And when asked if that meant anything to him – on the loyalty or they-really-want-me front – he offered up one of his lengthiest answers of the chat: "I guess it's a positive that they don't go by what other schools think."

Contrast that to Shuler, a 5-10, 165-pound athlete from Jersey Shore, N.J. In an interview about 10 days ago, Shuler waxed on about NU's early offer: "I will always have that thing for Northwestern. They actually recruited me the heaviest, you know, they showed me a lot of attention. I love coach Fitzgerald. He's energetic, he's young. Coach Fitz is just a great coach and they have a great football system down there. I will always stay in contact with them just like I have been."

Beyer has been staying in touch with coach Pat Fitzgerald, too. The 6-4, 215-pound defensive end said that he talks with Fitz about once a week. NU, however, is just one of many teams vying for Beyer, who has offers from Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Stanford, UCLA, Texas Tech and others.

As far as visits go, Beyer has already been to UM and MSU – "It was fine," he said of the visits. "It was a good experience." – and is planning a trip to Notre Dame this weekend. He said he does not yet have plans to visit Evanston, but did say what he's looking for on his visits.

"Well, I want coaches that are good people and who fit well with me, and I want a good education and good football team," Beyer said, using 24 words. (Shuler, not surprisingly, won the word-count battle: "I'm looking for atmosphere. You know, like the hospitality. The looks and stuff – ‘This is a beautiful place' – I know that matters to a lot of people, but not to me. I just gotta feel like I could stay there for four years.")

Beyer – an All-Conference, All-District, All-Metro Detroit selection as a junior – said that he wants to make a commitment by the time his senior season starts, confirming that that means sometime this summer.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a recruit who leans on the mum side. Who knows – maybe Beyer had homework or was tired or had other things on his mind. Maybe that's just his M.O. Moreover, this is the fifth story written about Beyer by Scout.com writers in the last month (to go with three more from Rivals); that attention could be wearing thin. (And at the same time, maybe this interviewer was off his game and kept fumbling questions.)

Besides, it doesn't much matter if a player likes to yak it up off the field; Fitz and Co. are far more interested in what they do on it. It's just interesting the difference in personality between a pair of players Northwestern is vying for.

Like most defensive recruits, Beyer was familiar with Fitz's background as an All-American linebacker. Asked whether or not having a head coach with that sort of résumé was an enticement, Beyer explained: "It helps. It's cool."

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