Junior update: North Shore QB Bobby Reid

<B>Bobby Reid</b> is a prospect that will become synonymous with the upper-echelon of talent for the class of 2004. You essentially will not be able ignore the names Robert Reid -- or Robbie Reid as he is sometimes called --because everyone is talking about the QB from Galena Park North Shore. When a kid brings the kind of sick game that Reid does, you call him by the name he goes by and folks, that's "Bobby".

Is "Bobby" VY2?

It's a little too early to tell. Besides, it almost seems preposterous to compare a senior-to-be high school prep to a former stellar prep who, despite never playing a single down of NCAA D-I ball, carries arguably more hype than any other collegiate QB. That said, Inside Texas certainly has no problem starting the Bobby Reid "hype" machine. Kid's a freak.

Accolades: Just district 23-5A's Most Valuable Player with 1st- and 2nd-team all-district honors thrown in for good measure.

'02 stats: 66 of 113, 1,169 yards, 11 TDs and 6 INTs and 83 carries, 496 yards and 14 TDs with a long run of 62 yards that resulted in a TD.

Not that eye-popping, you say?

Well, Reid only has one season under his belt, but he has an abundance of untapped potential waiting to burst forth this fall (and in future falls at the next level).

"He was a back-up to Willie Jasper and didn't get on the field until his junior year," North Shore coach David Aymond said. "And this will be the first off-season he's ever had."

"He did," said Aymond when asked if Reid played round ball in seasons past. "This is his first year of not playing and he was quite a basketball player."

Reid's got to be focused on improving his quarterbacking skills...

"I think so," North Shore's head man told IT. "He didn't tell me why (he quit playing basketball). I was shocked... surprised, because I know he liked it."


"He's going to go out for varsity track this year," Aymond said.

Reid can certainly burn it up as North Shore's coach attests.

"We timed 40s just yesterday and he averaged a 4.41," he said. "He's already 6-foot-4 and he looks like he's grown some more. Wouldn't surprise me to see him standing 6-foot-5 or close to it. He's up to 205/210 pounds and just timed out at a 4.4 forty."


Okay, okay, we'll stop the hype... for now.

"He's a genuine quarterback that can do it all," Aymond told IT. "Great poise, has a gun, throws with touch. Things break down in the pocket, he can make something happen. I'm telling you, he is a big time quarterback. If you talk to any college coach, they'll tell you the same thing."

Okay, maybe we won't stop the hype...

"Everyone in the country will be coming after him," Aymond continued. "Bobby already had three written offers from Oklahoma State prior to Signing Day."

[Originally Published on InsideTexas.com]

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