Boehm talks recruiting, Northwestern

Kyle Boehm talked with Fitz on Tuesday, and Purple Reign talked with Boehm on Wednesday. See what the three-star quarterback had to say about his contact with Northwestern, his spring and summer travel plans and more.

In a 1998 episode of Seinfeld called "The Burning," George is in the unusual position of being more concerned about work than his boss, one Mr. Kruger. George ends up taking the lead on a company project, and assigns Kruger some work to do while he goes out to meet Jerry at the coffee shop.

Sitting at the counter of the coffee shop, George tells Jerry how frustrated he is that Kruger isn't doing any work.

"The only reason I got out to get a bite today," George says, "was that (Kruger) finally promised to buckle down and do some actual work."

An instant later, George turns away from the counter and spots none other than Mr. Kruger across the way, eating a giant slice of chocolate cake. Infuriated, George approaches Kruger and lays into him.

Chomping on his cake, Kruger simply says, "I'm not too worried about it."

Well, not too worried about it could be the best way to describe three-star quarterback Kyle Boehm. While many recruits have myriad considerations they're working with – proximity to home, style of play, conference affiliation, etc. – Boehm doesn't seem to be fretting any of it.

Not that he's taking the decision lightly. But fitting the stereotype of a laid-back Californian, the San Jose native seems as though he's not too worried about it. Thinking about it, sure. But not worried about it.

Is Boehm, like NU quarterback prospect Zack Oliver – who was on campus earlier this month – looking for a school that runs a wide-open spread? Not necessarily.

"(The offense) doesn't play a factor at all," said the 6-3, 210-pound Boehm. "The last three years we've run three different styles of offense. Three years ago we ran a pro-style offense. Last year it was all shotgun – all quick passes out of shotgun. And then this last year it was spread option. I can run anything, so the type of offense really doesn't matter."

Alright, makes sense. But what about proximity? Four-star defensive Michael Bennett, for instance, told yesterday that staying close to home was a consideration. And that the Ohio native named Ohio State and Cincinnati among his top choices – along with Northwestern and Stanford – speaks to that fact. Well, Boehm's not too worried about it.

"I've heard a lot of people say they don't want to move too far from home," Boehm said. "That's their personal preference. But for me, I can go as far as I want or stay as close as I want. It really doesn't matter."

Though he seems to be taking the laid-back, not-too-worried-about-it approach, Boehm has indeed been in touch with Northwestern – which, like Arizona State, Kansas State, Washington and others, has offered him a scholarship.

"I've been emailing them and getting letters from them quite often," Boehm said of Northwestern. "I actually talked with coach Fitzgerald (on Tuesday). We're just trying to keep in touch and see how everything plays out….

"With Northwestern, I'm getting emails from them pretty much every day, getting letters in the mail. They said that they want me to call them once a week, or once every two weeks, just to stay in touch."

Boehm doesn't have any concrete travel plans for Evanston just yet, but he did say that the Wildcats were one team he wanted to pay a visit.

"I haven't sat down with my dad yet, but I am trying to get out there and get to as many schools as I can that have offered me. I do have interest in Northwestern, so I definitely want to get out there for a visit….

"I went to their Web site and was looking at all their majors. They have a beautiful campus and great academics and they seem like they have a good coaching staff and all."

In February, Boehm attended Junior Days at Cal and USC, and in March he told that he is still in the process of deciding where exactly he wants to visit this spring and summer. He also said that he was gunning for an August decision.

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