Penn State
+ NU's Injury situation
+ Getting ready for Ohio State
+ NU's Seniors
+ Smaller schools in the NCAA Tournament...<"> Penn State
+ NU's Injury situation
+ Getting ready for Ohio State
+ NU's Seniors
+ Smaller schools in the NCAA Tournament...<">

Bill Carmody on the Big 10 Teleconference

NU Coach <b>Bill Carmody</b> talks about:<br> + The team's play against <font color="#3333ff"><b>Penn State</b></font><br> + NU's <b>Injury </b>situation<br> + Getting ready for <font color="#cc0000"><b>Ohio State</b></font><br> + NU's Seniors<br> + Smaller schools in the NCAA Tournament...<

Opening Statement
We're coming off a game where we didn't play particularly well - double overtime - we didn't get to Penn State here, and they didn't play particularly well either. We were just fortunate at the end.

Now we're going to play Ohio State, actually they're coming here..I haven't listened to the end of the last conversation, but I think everyone now is hoping to get their team playing pretty well. Some people are looking for different positions and seeds, but we're just looking to play pretty well right now, this last week, to sort of get ourselves ready for the tournament.

We're beset by injuries, and a couple of guys leaving so we only have 9 guys to practice with, and it makes it pretty rough but that's where we are, and a lot of teams are not identical, but in similar situations at this time of year, so we're just going to prepare the next couple of days for Ohio State , and hope that we can start playing well so we'll be ready for the tournament.
Asks for an Update on the Injuries [Bob Baptist - Columbus Dispatch]
Our injuries are just that... you know we have two guys that haven't played all year - the two Croation guys [Vukusic and Tolic] that gets you down to 11 and one of our players, Thomas Soltau went back to, signed with an Italian team in January, and then Jim Maley left our team a week ago, so 13 minus 4 is nine .

And then Aaron Jennings has been hurt all year with Shin Splints, but then he turned his, strained his foot against Illinois a week ago, so he didn't practice last week and actually he didn't play too well 'til the overtime period against Penn State. I don't think he'll practice today [Monday]. It just makes it - you're doing a lot of half court stuff basically. Which isn't so bad actually.

Right now you reading the scouting reports, sort of lining things and working on particular things for the upcoming games, but guys need to run still.
In February you had a couple of home wins over Indiana and Purdue that opened some people's eyes. I wonder if you can say what made those wins possible? Anything to do with playing at home and if you're managing with everything that's going on to be able to get to that level of play again on Wednesday?
We're certainly hopeful, Ohio State's had their share of injuries too so, I don't want to sound like I'm crying because I know Jim - its been a trying year for him in that regard, but I think we're capable of playing well and certainly winning both games this week. Its not from a lack of trying,

The other day, I thought we played decently at times but we missed 20 foul shots, 21 for 41 from the foul line. We could never pull ahead, we're up by 10 or 12 and you know it could have been 20 but it wasn't .

And Penn State just hung in there and we couldn't stop the kid, Watkins, so it made it a game we could have lost, but I think we're capable, but we have to make foul shots, and we did that against Indiana, and we did that against Purdue - we didn't turn the ball over against those teams.

We're capable of doing it, we just have to do it.
I know with Aaron's [Jennings] injuries and Winston [Blake's] luck, it hasn't been the Senior Seasons that they expected. Jason [Burke] has been pretty consistent lately, can you talk about your Seniors as they go into their last games? [Brian Handley - Chicago Sun Times]
Jason Burke, Aaron Jennings and Winston Blake - they're all - three guys that have stayed here through some trying times, four years - had some pretty good games, and had a lot of trying periods, and they are three terrific kids.

If they were my sons, I'd say these guys were fantastic.

They've been loyal, worked hard, done all that so you'd just like to see them go out on a good note, and like every coach does - feels about his Seniors. These guys are just special guys.

They spoke after our game against Penn State at a little gathering of people after the game and they 're sharp guys - they're going to do great when they graduate - I just see them do great for the next couple of weeks so they have a good feeling when they leave.
Why is it tougher for the smaller, Private Schools to make a run in the tournament?  [Todd Jones - Columbus Dispatch]
Most of them have a "state" next to them don't they. You know I don't know what that situation is. I think that the "Catholic" schools, early on, and most of them were regional schools, like Providence, DePaul, local schools they found out early that a good basketball team was important for the school itself and maybe they were just ahead of the game, ahead of some of the state schools.

Maybe when the money came in, people started to realize how much money could be made and it wasn't as big an investment for Basketball - they just said we've got to get a piece of that.

I really haven't thought it through in truth, but know the Catholic schools didn't have the money to support football teams, and that was the reason, probably, that Bonnies, DePaul and Providence did that - Seton Hall, but now all those schools are in pretty big conferences.

So, I don't see why they shouldn't be able to do that now because they're reaping the benefits of some major funds from the tournament and some of their leagues so you might see that turn around.
Is there a difference being a private school in a small conference than being a private school in a major conference?
There are a lot of advantages to being in a big conference, you know a major conference. There are a lot of advantages recruiting-wise because you're on TV, innumerable advantages. Its a lot rougher for smaller schools.

That's part of the fun of this March Madness because people like to see these teams, these Butlers, Gonzagas, these Valpos, Princetons, making their move because they say, "Hey - they don't have some of these advantages."

Some people just naturally go for underdogs in those things

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