Bracketology III

<b>Northwestern's</b> Opponent in the first game of the <b>Big 10 Tournament</b> comes down to who wins at <b>Minnesota</b> today.<br><br> Either way it would be the third game against either the <b>Gophers</b> or the <b>Hoosiers</b>...

What did Grandma say about what you wish for?
In the Purple Reign Poll last week, most of you wanted to play Ohio State again. Well it isn't going to happen, even though they lost to Michigan yesterday.

Who we, Northwestern, play on Thursday comes down to who wins this afternoon up in Minneapolis. Illinois wins, and our first opponent is Minnesota

The Golden Gophers would be tied for 6th with Indiana with a conference record of (8-8). Head to head, Indiana beat Minnesota last month 74-70 so the tiebreaker puts them in 6th and Minnesota drops to 7th [and gets a return game with NU]

However, Minnesota wins and things get interesting. They would get the 6th seed [better record] and Indiana would slip to 7th and get that 3rd game with the Wildcats.

Of course if the Illini stumble on the road today, the #2 throught #5 seed in the tournament is up for grabs, and I don't even want to consider figuring that one out.

So here's the deal: If you want another chance at Minny - you're rooting for the Illini today. If you want another crack at the Hoosiers - Go Gophers.

[I'm not sure if Mike Davis wants to play us again, or Penn State Thursday.]

Here is the tournament seeding chart, as of Sunday morning:

Thursday 3/13
Friday 3/14
Saturday 3/15
Sunday 3/16

#1 - Wisconsin

#8 - OSU
Game 4
Winner Game 4
Game 1
Winner Game 1

#9 - Iowa
Game 8

#4 - Purdue

Game 5
Winner Game 5 Winner Game 8

#5 - MSU

Championship Game 

#2 - Illinois

Game 6
Winner Game 6 Winner Game 10
Game 2
Winner Game 2

#10 - NU
Game 9

#3 - Michigan

#6 - Indiana
Game 7
Winner Game 7
Game 3
Winner Game 3

#11 - Penn State

Go Cats - Beat 'em All!
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