Coach Carmody on the Teleconference

Back from the Hospital and declared in good health, NU Basketball Coach <b>Bill Carmody</b> talks about: <br><br>How to play the long, tall <b>Minnesota Gophers</b> for the 3rd time<br> The top teams in the Big 10,<br> What can <b>Aaron Jennings</b> do differently against Minny<br> and <b>Jitim Young's</b> chances of Big 10 recognition...

Northwestern Head Basketball Coach Bill Carmody on the Big 10 Teleconference

Opening Comments on playing Minnesota

This is a real tough matchup for us, Minnesota, probably any team in the league they're the hardest, save Michigan State. Just the size and length of these guys give us some problems .

We've played them twice and, well , you know. Its going to be a tough go for us. We have to figure out some way to get in there and penetrate and not have our shots blocked. We think that in the last games they've blocked close to 40 shots.

Since we're not getting in there that means that you have to make long shots, and we haven't been that successful...we're trying to figure out something, come up with some kind of strategy but its a tough matchup for us.

What about the Big 10 in the NCAA Tournament
Well, Wisconsin won the'd have to say that they are a pretty good shooting team.

Illinois is playing extremely well as you saw yesterday, they were terrific.

Michigan State it seems to me is on a roll right now. They had the toughest part of their schedule early on in the first half mostly road games and now they've come back and the games at home and they're really in a groove...the guys are good, playing well together, so I would say those three teams definitely

You had to pick the top two teams next to Michigan State because they are playing real well together, they have to figure out a way to get it done.

Do you take any comfort from the comeback the last time you guys played? [St. Paul Pioneer Press]
I Think you make runs during games and we made a little bit of a run there, but probably its human nature, they let down a little bit and like you say, we make a run and they let down a bit, the combination of that.

But I don't know if there's any particular thing that we can employ, I really haven't seen ... I watched the game yesterday of course Illinois - they have big tall long guys too so that helps them negate that.

But we don't have that possibility.

What about playing in the United Center - will that give you a home crowd?
I hope so, we played Illinois there a few weeks back and we actually played pretty decently. I guess we're just a little more familiar that Minnesota, but I don't think it will make that much of a difference.
Are you under any restrictions after last Saturday? [Brian Handley - Chicago Sun Times]
No, No, I had these pains and I went over to have them checked out and once they get you there they don't want to let you go. So I stayed overnight and they did a lot of tests and they were negative so...

After the season I'll just try to figure out what it was afterwards but they said its no heart or anything like that,

Any follow-ups?
I'm going to go just to my doctor and just do a few more tests. Like they say if its not your heart then they start going south and it might be some kind of stomach thing. I don't know, I'm uncertain about it but I'm just happy that the tests ruled out my heart.

I'm a little tired but I'm feeling fine.

Can you talk about Aaron Jennings against Minnesota as one of your big players?
The best chance we have with Aaron is just... you know, I don't think he can take those little turn around jump shots against these guys, Holman and Rickert and Bauer, they've matched up against him in the past. They tend to get to that shot, if they don't block it, they contest it maybe tip it a little bit.

With shot blockers you have to get into their bodies a little bit to try to negate their wingspan -- maybe taking a little hook shot or a little pump fake, up and under kind of stuff. That little turn around jump shot is ineffective.

Any Concerns that Jitim Young might be overlooked in the Big 10 Balloting? [Jitim Young was selected to third team All Big 10]
That's always a concern because he's our high scorer but ... maybe he's averaging 14 - 15 points a game. He had a very very good defensive season.

He actually had a bad out of conference season, but he shot the ball extremely well. If we win he's a big part of that.

Its a great thing to have and I don't know what's going to happen, but he's a team guy but a little recognition would be nice. But he's still the same kid.

Northwestern Basketball Head Coach Bill Carmody
comments from the Big 10 Teleconference

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