The Third Time was the Charm

Make that 5 straight losses for the <b>Minnesota Golden Gophers</b> as the <b>NU Wildcats</b> rolled to a 76-64 victory in the Opening Round of the Big 10 Tournament, knocking the <b>Gophers</b> out of the tournament, and probably consideration for the NCAA's.

It was a game nobody expected the Wildcats to win...

But the Cats combined timely shooting, and good defense [AJ and Hachad mug a Gopher - AP Photo by Stephen J. Carrera below]
Even NU Coach Bill Carmody had a dismal outlook during the Big 10 Teleconference last Monday...
This is a real tough matchup for us, Minnesota, probably any team in the league they're the hardest, save Michigan State. Just the size and length of these guys give us some problems .
But apparently it was the Wildcats giving the problems [Including Winston Blake - AP Photo - Stephen J. Carrera left] - here's the story from the AP - Courtesy of our partner Yahoo.

Next up the University of Illinois Fighting Illini - who Northwestern really played hard against earlier in February right on the United Center floor....

The Pregame Intel Report will be up in the morning.

Northwestern Basketball Head Coach Bill Carmody
comments from the Big 10 Teleconference

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