French Plans On Visiting ND Again

The start of the football season means recruits begin to take official visits. Athlete Christian French from John F Kennedy High School (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) has already taken one to Oregon and he's looking to set up a few more in the coming weeks.

Christian French (6-foot-6, 220-pounds) has already been to the Notre Dame campus twice, once in the spring and then again during the summer. Nonetheless, the Irish are going to add French to their 2010 recruiting class, they'll need to get him back for a third time.

"I don't know when, but I'm going to try to take an official visit to Notre Dame," French said. "I'm going to narrow down my list (of schools) pretty soon and definitely Notre Dame is in it.

"I don't have a timeframe on either one of those, but I plan on taking an official visit to Notre Dame sometime."

French plays on both sides of the ball for his high school team. The Irish were originally recruiting him to play outside linebacker, but depending on how the remainder of the 2010 class fills out, they could give him a look on offense.

"I play a lot of offense and defense this year, and I really don't come off the field," French said. "The past couple of years I've played a lot more defense. This year I play the outside linebacker position. . Right now I'm hearing outside linebacker (from Notre Dame). They're still recruiting me as an athlete, they said, if things work out it could be offense, but right now it's defense. So, it's right between what I'm doing with high school."

"I like them both. For me, it's whatever position I can be successful at. I like to catch the ball, but if that doesn't work out it doesn't matter. It's really about where I can be more successful." Top Stories