Georgia Offensive Lineman Open to Anyone

<P>Atlanta Marist high school is home to Matt Rumsey. The 6-4, 265-pound offensive lineman is just getting started with recruiting and he is open to anyone who wants to recruit him. </P>

Matt Rumsey plays both ways in high school but he wasn't sure on his stats. He said he graded out about 90 percent on offense last year. Rumsey should be one of the top offensive linemen in Georgia.

"I haven't received any offers yet. Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Colorado, Princeton, Harvard, Brown, Rice, those are some of them that send letters. My core g.p.a. is around a 3.6 and I took the P.S.A.T. last year and scored a 1350."

Rumsey knows what he is looking for in a school. "The combination of academics and the coaching staff. Those will probably be the two biggest factors in my decision."

Rumsey said he does plan to attend some camps. "I know I will be attending the Nike Camp at Auburn but I am not sure on the others yet. I will go to a few but I am just not sure which camps they will be."

The star offensive lineman is from Georgia but he followed another team outside of Georgia. "Growing up, I was actually a Notre Dame fan but I don't think that will hold any influence. They haven't been in contact with me yet. I might be interested if they contact me. They definitely have the academics and the coaching. The distance might be a problem but I am not partial to any one area."

Rumsey doesn't have a time frame for any decision. He seems pretty open to anyone and wants to make an informed decision. "That is kind of up in the air. It will depend on what offers come and from where. I don't have any time frame and I want to look at all the schools recruiting me."

Comments. Matt seems pretty open right now. When speaking about Notre Dame, he didn't seem that interested but didn't seem that interested in any particular school. The real test will be to get his reaction after Notre Dame would make an offer. As of now, Rumsey is wide open and he said it's very early in the game and really has no idea where he will end up in the fall of 2004. Top Stories