Golden Keys To Victory Michigan

We look at the Golden Keys to Victory over Michigan on Saturday.

Rivalry games are something every college football fan loves. The hate felt for another team that is looking to knock off the team of your choice can make people do some crazy things. But the game is played on the field and there are certain things that will become keys to a victory. Here are the keys to an Irish victory over Michigan.

  Golden Key #1 – Control Momentum : Everyone talks about time of possession when you look at a Brian Kelly offense. However, look at the momentum of a Brian Kelly offense and that will give you a better indication of just how good or bad the team is performing. The Irish must control the momentum early in this game to keep Michigan feeling they do not have a chance to win.

  Golden Key #2 – Keep Denard Robinson In Check: In the Michigan offense a player like Robinson is hard to stop, but you can keep him check and limit the number of scoring plays he is involved in. Robinson is going to have a few runs that will make the Irish defense bend, but they must keep those plays from becoming scoring plays.

  Golden Key #3 – Field Position Is Key : Brian Kelly loves to take the ball if his teams win the flip. In this game, it might be better to give Michigan the first shot on offense if the Irish win the flip. Make Michigan have longer drives. This allows Robinson to have a few big runs, but keeps him far enough away from the goal line.

  Golden Key #4 – Offensive Line Reach Second Level: The Irish offensive line must reach the second level to keep a pile of bodies from building up and allowing outside linebackers from placing pressure on Dayne Crist and slowing the Irish running game.

  Golden Key #5 – Irish Must Pick Up The Blitz: The Irish offense must pick up the blitz throughout the game. In the 3-3-5 there are going to be plenty of chances to do this, as Michigan will be bringing it from all corners of the field. Top Stories