At First Glance

IrishEyes' onsite observations of today's first quarter vs. the Wolverines

A quick review of first quarter action:
  • Needless penalty by the Wolverines gives the Irish 15 yards the easy way
  • Wolverines Mike Martin was too quick for right guard Trevor Robinson, who couldn't make contact with the athletic nose guard on the move as Martin dropped Allen for a 4-yard loss
  • Rudolph with three clutch catches on the opening drive, converting two 3rd down situations with grabs of 18 and 4 yards, then setting up the first score of the game with three crucial yards after the catch despite sideways momentum
  • As with 2009, an Irish QB followed Big Stew over the left A gap for a sneak and a score. 7-0 Irish
  • Quick update: Irish D-Line coach Mike Elston is not in attendance(illness)
  • Excellent read and play on the ball by Jonas Mouton to intercept Rees on the flea-flicker crossing pattern to Riddick; Rees, however threw late over the middle. Not an easy 1st career read for the freshman passer.
  • Looked like the Irish were outnumbered (3-2) on Michigan's easy-as-pie touchdown down the heart of the defense.
  • No reason for Burger to fair catch that kick-off
  • Not a good 1st Quarter for Trevor Robinson
  • With 6:50 to play, the Irish body language is a fair representation of events of the last five plays from scrimmage…
  • Irish showing a preponderance of the reduced 4-man front early
  • Harrison Smith and Robert Blanton help recapture a modicum of momentum with open field tackles
  • Craig Roh and Mike Martin won the battle up front – by knockout – vs. the right side of the Irish O-Line
  • Tough fumble recovery opportunity by Ethan Johnson but the Irish needed it
  • Outside cushion by Darrin Walls is excessive vs. this passing attack
  • Yet another major coverage error by the Irish secondary (no way Neal was supposed to run with Martavious Odoms) sets up Michigan's second touchdown. Shades of 2009 in the defensive backfield…
  • Four passes defended at the line is inexcusable for a BCS offense
  • Montana looked fairly numble on 10-yard scramble
  • Robert Hughes with a non-block sets up the Irish with 3rd and 7 at their own 39-yard line entering the second period.

Of Note: Montana told me after the Blue Gold Game in April that he's generally affected by nervous energy early, but settles down.

Dayne Crist is reportedly having trouble seeing out of his right eye. His presence is nearly mandatory if the Irish are to move to 2-0. Then again, so is a competent secondary... Top Stories