At First Glance

IrishEyes' on-the-spot observations of today's first quarter vs. the Cardinal.

In-game observations of today's 1st Quarter between the Cardinal and the Irish:

  • Tyler Eifert, who got the start over freshman T.J. Jones, was open immediately on a go-route far right but Crist hits Riddick for 15 yards and a 1st Down.
  • Floyd less-than-impressive effort on a jump ball toss down the right sideline; Crist hammered after the throw. Crist took another shot on the ensuing play thanks to a free shot following an off-sides penalty.
  • Armando Allen has completely reinvented himself since hitting campus.
  • A sack of Crist by Shayne Skov was apparently the best timed snap in the history of this sport…or maybe he was offsides by two yards, you decide. Incredible that it wasn't penalized, because even the look of impropriety on such plays generally draws laundry.
  • Crist had at least 10 yards of real estate in front of him on an ill-advised 4th and 13 pass that should have been intercepted.

  • Huge break for the Irish (that's Karma, Kramer) on a muffed punt by veteran Doug Baldwin
  • RT Taylor Dever missed a block in space or Allen would have had a chance at a touchdown in Notre Dame's first Wildcat carry of the season
  • LT Zach Martin matches Dever's miss two plays later and Allen is limited to two yards. Give the Cardinal credit: they've tackled with sure form in three separate opportunities over the first six minutes including a 3rd down stop of Rudolph on a less-than-inspiring 1-yard out route on 3rd and 5 from the 6-yard line. I'm already sick of an offense that continually throws short of the marker on 3rd down and its only Week Four. 3-0 ND but it feels like the Irish needed 7 on the opening drive.
  • The Irish offense has managed just five touchdowns (and five field goals) in 12 red zone trips this season.

  • Fine open-field stop by Austin Collinsworth vs. one of the nation's leading kick returners in Chris Owusu.
  • I said it three weeks ago, I'll repeat it here: Carlo Calabrese will hit you. Excellent stop by the first-year competitor but the Cardinal were awarded the first down by a terrible spot and the spot was withheld by the replay official, who apparently used to work in Ann Arbor…
  • Irish gashed on opening drive but toughened as the Cardinal approached the red zone, first stuffing a run to the short side then limiting a quick out to three yards.
  • Senior Brian Smith beaten by a 16-yard seam route by Coby Fleener…that's a daylong mismatch in pass coverage. QB Andrew Luck found the mismatch vs. Notre Dame's first instance of Cover 0 defense. Stanford 7 ND 3 3:37 remaining

  • Shayne Skov made his second big play as a delayed pass rusher, forcing a Crist fumble on his second sack in as many carries. A terrible effort by Cierre Wood in pass protection.
  • Stanford is a physically tougher team than the Irish through the first 13 minutes
  • Senior Darrin Walls whiffs on an easy end zone interception and Stanford earns a field goal on the following play. As has been the case for four seasons, Notre Dame's senior class simply does not make the key defensive play when the opportunity presents…Stanford 10 ND 3

  • The Irish need to rethink they're personnel choices across the board on the kick return unit.
  • Junior wide receiver John Goodman makes his (non-injury) debut – and I believe his 2010 home debut – catching a pass on his third snap.
  • Michael Floyd pulls a Michael Floyd with an incredible stab of a pass behind him for a 10-yard gain and an Irish first down.

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