IE TV - Class of 2012 Se'Von Pittman

While most of the attention goes to current teammate Steve Miller, Se'Von Pittman is opening eyes across the country as college coaches get a hard look at the talented defensive end.

In a class loaded at his position, Se'Von Pittman may not get the talk he deserves, but make no mistake, Pittman has the talent to be a major player at some college program in the country.

At 6-foot-4, 225-pounds, Pittman may not have the physical size (weight) some will be looking for, but his skill set has already seen West Virginia offer.

On film, Pittman has the skills to play on the edge and bang while also being able to drop back in coverage and make an interception and a big return.

On some plays, Pittman overruns the play, but with his speed, he's able to make an adjustment and make a play down the field. In time Pittman will learn more technique and combine his speed with his growing physical size to be a force to be reckoned with.

The Irish are taking looks at Pittman and depending upon his academics could be a player looking to sign Pittman out of Ohio.

Here are highlights from Pittman's sophomore season. Top Stories