Irish Eyes Update: Brad Carrico

It has been a long time since Brad Carrico made the choice to be Brian Kelly's first verbal commitment for the Class of 2011. While his commitment is strong, Carrico has been working hard to help his high school team reach several goals. How has it gone so far?

"Everything is going well right now, we're 4-1 right now and we have a tough game coming up here, so we'll see what we're made of really these next four games as they'll be tough for us."

With a busy schedule, Brad has only been able to make it for one game (Michigan) this season. Nevertheless, he and his future teammates are watching and talking.

"I went up for the Michigan game. It was crazy; it was not like any other stadium I had ever been in before. It was jammed packed and real loud. I had never been to a game there before so it was an eye opening experience. I have watched every game this season except for last night because we had homecoming. But I keep in contact with Eilar Hardy, Jarrett Grace, Ben Koyack, and Kyle Brindza a lot and have also talked with Justice Hayes, Jordan Prestwood, and Aaron Lynch too."

So what do these future Irish players say to each other?

"We text each other during games or after games and with most of our games on Friday nights we wish each other good luck. We want to show people what we have coming to Notre Dame in our class."

Has the performance of the team worried Carrico about his choice?

"No, if you look at it they should have only lost one game and that was against Stanford. They are making big strides from where they were before and they are getting better and better each week."

While the thought of his future being in South Bend, has Brad found his life changed in any way since making his pledge known.

"I don't know if it has changed at all really. It has made me realize how lucky I am to be part of something like Notre Dame. I have met a lot of good people who are fans and other commits, but I would not say my life has really changed at all. It has just been kind of eye opening to be put in the position I am in."

Looking back at his game visit and other campus visits, what has stood out the most about Notre Dame?

"I had gone up before the season to look at campus. The academics and prestige of the university, along with the type of students that go there really stand out to me. It is a historic place and you can feel that history when you are there. Yes, I hear the echoes."

Now entering his eighth month since committing, what made his choice of Notre Dame an easy one?

"When the coaches were at Cincinnati they offered me the summer before my junior year. I do not live too far away from Cincinnati, so I had built a good relationship before they went to Notre Dame as I went down there a lot. So we had a pretty good relationship before they went to Notre Dame. Once they went to Notre Dame that relationship continued with Coach Hinton as we had connected on a different level than any other coach. For me, I grew up a Notre Dame fan and grew up watching them. Since I had a good relationship with the coaching staff before they went to Notre Dame, it made my decision that much easier."

One thing that has caught the eyes of many Notre Dame Fans is the picture going around the internet of all the members of this Irish class. When looking at it, what does Brad see?

"I see a class of guys that have a lot of skills and a lot of guys who want to get on campus and win."

Irish Eyes will check back later in the month as Brad continues to help his team reach the playoffs. Top Stories