Irish Open Eyes of Ohio Lineman

With two verbal scholarship offers already on the table, Tom Strobel is starting to hear from several programs from across the country. Notre Dame is one of those programs and Strobel made visit to South Bend on Saturday.

Ohio is a state from which Notre Dame will look at many players for the Class of 2012. With Ohio State sitting with a limited number of scholarships, many top players will be available for the Irish to offer and earn pledges from in the Class of 2012. One such player is Mentor (Ohio) defensive end Tom Strobel.

At 6-foot-6, 245-pounds, Strobel already has offers from Cincinnati and Purdue. However, other programs are starting to show their interest.

"As of right now there are a lot of schools showing interest. Notre Dame and Ohio State have not offered, but Cincinnati and Purdue have with Stanford having called my coach saying they have interest. Right now everything is going through my coach as he is going to let me know after the season what is going on so things do not go to my head."

Having visited South Bend on Saturday, Strobel had his eyes opened by the visit.

"It was a real eye opener for me. I had never been there before, and of course, it is Notre Dame. They are one of the most prestige's schools in college football and it was really outstanding to me because there is so much tradition and history about the school, it really stood out."

While many prospects get excited about the football side of a game day visit, Strobel was blown away by all the green on campus.

"It was the first time I had been there and I did not even know what the campus looked like. The first thing that stood out was all the greenery. There is so much grass, trees, and plants. I thought that was cool because a lot of places I have been to there is just a bunch of buildings. So that really stood out to me."

Having been on game day visits to Cincinnati, Ohio State and now Notre Dame, Tom knows there is more to picking a school than just football.

"I have learned that Notre Dame is said to have the best connections in the world. I have always said that I am always a student before I am an athlete, and I will always stand by that, as I want to make sure I go somewhere that I earn my education. If I can go even further, that would be great. But any school I look at must have great engineering programs as I want to become a chemical engineer."

Tom also knows if Ohio State should offer he could find pressure to be a Buckeye.

"Everyone is bias towards them. However, I have been really thinking about this a lot. At first, I was set on them (OSU) if they offered me, but I have come to realize that I have other options. I want to look at where I can get playing time. I do not really want to go too far from home, but education is going to be the most important part of it for me."

Tom Strobel is listed in the database as a defensive end. While there is a good chance he ends up playing on the defensive side of the ball, he is also the type of prospect that could see a position move to offense as an offensive lineman.

Irish Eyes will continue to follow the Tom Strobel, as the Irish look hard at the Ohio prospect. Top Stories