Won't be the Last Time Huggins Sees Irish

Notre Dame hosted Savon Huggins from St. Peter's Preparatory School (Jersey City, N.J.) for an official visit last weekend. The Irish did make an impression on the No. 6 running back in the country.

There were specific goals that Savon Huggins had entering his official visit to Notre Dame. The first was to get a feel for the Notre Dame campus. Huggins had taken a visit in late June, but the atmosphere during football season is much different than it is during the summer.

"It was mind-boggling," Wendell Huggins said. "With the student body there for the game and 80,000 folks out there, it was good. Just seeing all the different venues on campus and seeing people tailgating everywhere, it was good. It seemed like a lot of people knew who he was just walking around. He really enjoyed it.

"We spoke to coach Kelly during the pre-game and they had us down on the field before the game. (Savon) got a chance to go into the locker room after the game. It was a good experience for him.

"He got an opportunity to spend a lot of time with the players," Wendell said. "He hung with them and talked to them one-on-one. He wanted to see what kind of chemistry he had with the team, which was real good. He hung out with Bennett Jackson and Manti Te'o. He knew Bennett from track and he also knows Miles Shuler, so they talk often. That was cool.

"He was able to gel pretty well with Manti. He's an exemplary representative for Notre Dame. They gelled and had a really good time. He said that he enjoyed talking to him and asking the questions that he had."

Although Wendell did spend some time with his son on the visit, Savon spent the majority of his time on his own with the Notre Dame players on Saturday and Sunday. The time Savon and his dad did meet, it was with the Irish coaching staff discussing how Savon would fit into the Irish spread offense.

"I think everything went pretty well," Wendell said of the meeting with the Notre Dame staff. "I think the main concern was watching how (Brian) Kelly used his running backs in the game. I'm watching the game, but I'm watching it from a different perspective than a fan is. I'm watching to see how each player is used. Each player has his own different set of abilities. They don't have one complete back. They have a scat-back, a power back… they need a complete back and I think everyone is aware of that.

"My concern coming in was that my son is a downhill runner. So, what aspects of his game are they going to change or where do they see him in that offense, because you don't run a fullback. Their answer was, ‘We pull the tight end or a guard, so it's similar to having a fullback in front of you, because they're going to be the lead block and they're going to be the one that you're going to make your cuts off.' It was self-explanatory after we went through a couple of their plays."

That explanation along with the time spent with the Notre Dame players made an impact on Savon, but this was his first official visit of five.

"(Savon) said, ‘This is still a good situation for me,'" Mr. Huggins explained. "But I told him, ‘You still have to make that decision after you make your other visits." I told him once he takes his other visits, he can sit down and figure out all the pros and cons and then make the decision on where you feel more comfortable."

"It was definitely a place that he felt that he could see himself playing at."

Notre Dame will now turn the tables next weekend as they fly east to play Navy. While on the coast, they'll be in the stands watching Savon and St. Peter's take on Memorial Friday night.

"I think a number of the coaches will be coming to his game, because they'll be in town for the Navy game," he said. "A lot of folks are coming to his game this weekend."

"We won't be going to the Navy game, because that's a home game for Navy, but we're probably going to go to the Army game at Yankee Stadium. "

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