Bradley Just Getting Started

As one of Ohio's top prospects for 2012, George "Bam" Bradley will have his choice of schools. Why isn't he worried about the pressures of recruiting? He explains in this special one-on-one interview.

When talking about Notre Dame future targets, one name from Ohio getting a lot of attention is Bam Bradley of Trotwood (Ohio) Madison High School. Already a 4-star prospect for the Class of 2012, Bradley stresses he is in no hurry to pick a school or get too excited about any single program yet.

When you stand 6-foot-2, and just over 200-pounds, can run like the wind, and knock the snot out of opposing offensive players, it is easy to see why college football coaches get excited when they hear your name. For Bam Bradley, no hype, whispers, and talk of possible future colleges have affected him in any way.

"I'm really cool right now with it all," Bradley said during his teammate A.J. Jordan's commitment announcement. "I have not heard too much from too many schools directly as of right now. Coach Douglass tells me if any schools are interested or if they want to offer, or have me come to a game or two. So it has not gotten too crazy."

While the craziness has yet to start, Bradley is not too concerned yet about even thinking about his possible future.

"I've got an idea of some schools I would like to go to and some schools I would not consider, but it really will come down to the schools that offer me. So once schools start offering that is when I'll start to decide what schools I'm interested in and what schools I am not."

As for those who have offered.

"I've been offered by Northwestern and Kentucky as of right now."

Like all prospects, Bradley knows there will be certain things that will set programs apart from each other.

"I'm looking for the best fit for me. What type of defense they play and where do they look for me to play if I come. I would like to stay at safety, because if a school is looking for me to change positions that will be something I will look hard at and could become a factor on where I want to go. But it will be the best fit for me and where I'll play, along with the best fit for my family."

With a strong mother by his side, Bradley will always have his mother's words in the back of his mind.

"I've been a straight "A" student since I started school. Academics are a key for me because my mother always tells me I will need something to lean back on. So academics are always going to be important when making this decision."

As for a possible position change, do not look for Bradley to get much bigger than his current size if the past couple of years are an example.

"I really have not gained too much weight. I started my freshman year and weighted like 198, so I have only gained like 6 or 7 pounds since my freshman year. That has come from me lifting weights in the weight program. I do not gain too much weight and usually lose weight, so I'm looking to stay at this size and feel that could keep my stay at safety."

One advantage of playing at Trotwood is the experiences of several of the Rams coaches. With former college and NFL players on staff, Bradley knows he has experience to pull from.

"That just makes it even better because you have to listen to what they say since they have already been where you want to go and where you want to be. They have already been to the NFL, seen it all, and done it all. So it makes it a lot easier for you because they know how hard you have to work, so it makes it easy for me."

With a brother having already gone through the recruiting process, Bam is not too caught up in the process and is looking to just be himself.

"I lean on just being my own person. My brother has already been through this. My brother is at Dayton right now and looking to go to the NBA. So I just look to be my own person and not get too caught up in all of it."

As for the rigors of the recruiting process, Bam knows he has got his bases covered and is ready for the onslaught of attention.

"I've been prepared, this is why my mom and coach Douglas are handling most of my recruiting because she already knows how reporters try to change what you say and make it their own and try to make up stuff that you did not even say. So that has helped me a lot going through this."

While the Irish have not offered, George "Bam" Bradley is a player of great interest because of his overall physical size and athletic ability. Add in the fact he is a high-level student, and Bradley and the Irish could be a great fit.

We will continue to follow Bam in the coming months. Top Stories