Simmons Has Big Offers

Four-star junior offensive lineman Jordan Simmons from Crespi Carmelite High School (Encino, Calif.) will be one of the top offensive lineman on the West Coast in the class of 2012. Simmons already has seven scholarship offers and recruiting material coming from around the country.

Jordan Simmons (6-foot-4, 280-pounds) is the type of big, athletic lineman that Brian Kelly likes for his offense. The Irish haven't had a chance to speak with Simmons as of yet, but they are showing interest.

"They've been sending a lot of mail to my school," Simmons said. "I haven't contacted any of the coaches, and I don't know any of them. I've just been getting mail.

"I haven't heard from any coaches, I still need to contact them to see where things are right now."

Besides Notre Dame, Simmons is hearing from schools from around the country.

"I'm hearing from Cal, Alabama, LSU, Oregon, Tennessee, Ark, Stanford, UConn, Colorado, Oregon State, Arizona State, and Arizona," he said. "I offers from have USC, UCLA, Arizona, Washington, Florida, New Mexico and San Diego State."

"I went to some camps this summer and got some exposure and that helped me out this season. I went against some of the top players for this class like Todd Barr, Greg Townsend, and Antwaun Wood. They're some of the top guys for defensive line. I did good against all of them.

" I went to the USC camp and got offered right after that camp," he said.

Oregon and Ohio State are a couple programs Simmons would like to contact him.

By the end of his junior year, it's likely that Jordan will have been contacted by just about every school in the country. Once he has some free time, he plans on getting out and taking a closer look at some of his favorites.

"I haven't gone on any trips this year, because I'm still a junior and I still have a season to finish out strong. I'm waiting for the season to be over with and as my senior year appears I can start making some decisions.

"Next year I'm going to try to go to some junior days so I can get a feel for the program and the coaching staff and the campus," he said. "I'll be calling some coaches from schools that have interest in me, so I'll be checking up with coaches and seeing how things are going."

Aiding in his development has been his transition from Dorsey High School to Crespi. Simmons has seen a big jump in competition and he's been up for the challenge.

"I don't know anything about our league, but I know it's a tough league," Simmons said. "I know they have some good ball players on each team that I go against. It's a real tough league. Every person on each team is good. It wasn't like that at Dorsey. You might go up against two good players throughout the whole season. Now it's every night." Top Stories