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IrishEyes' staff, moderators, and guest predictions for Saturday's contest vs. the Golden Hurricane.

Tim O'Malley (Co-Publisher/Managing Editor): Tulsa 30 Notre Dame 28 (game preview forthcoming).

Jeff Baumhower (Co-Publisher/Recruiting Analyst): Notre Dame hit a low point in terms of effort and outcome last weekend against Navy. This weekend was already difficult enough without the tragedy that occurred on Wednesday afternoon. Tulsa will come to Notre Dame Stadium inspired, while the Irish have their minds elsewhere. Tulsa 45 Notre Dame 37

Dave Berk (IrishEyes Staff/ Two four-win teams will battle Saturday but one of those teams, Notre Dame, suffered the tragic loss of a friend and member of the football program. At home, with their backs against the wall, Notre Dame will come out and play inspired against a Tulsa team that runs one of the more unique offenses in the country.

While Todd Graham may have started his college coaching career on the defensive side of the ball, it is the offense he runs that has made him a coach many feel has another level to climb. Graham will need a great performance from quarterback G.J. Kinne who will face an Irish defense looking to make up for their poor performance a week ago. Look for the Irish offense to play better and finish when they get a chance to post points on the board. Notre Dame wins 35-27 over the Golden Hurricane.

BNolan (Moderator): After last weekend's debacle, and Mizzou's win over Oklahoma, the same Mizzou that got thumped by Navy in their bowl game last season, I'll align with my Missouri zip code and wait until Kelly and his staff and his team show me that they can play good, fundamental, consistent, organized, inspired football. Last week represented everything I'd spent the entire off season pleading and preaching against: sloppy, soft, ineptitude resulting in more embarrassment. And that is still recognizing that Navy is indeed a pretty good team. I won't pick them to win again until they show me they have what it takes. ND 27, Tulsa 31

Morrissey79 (Moderator): Is this the best ND can do? Is this the best that Kelly and his staff can do? Will the fans show up, or will it be another lackluster environment in Notre Dame Stadium? Will Tulsa's practice of the Veer give fits to Diaco and his scheme? Will Dayne have a game where he completes over 65% of his passes? Will we have a game with over 300 yards passing? Will we score on one of the worst defenses in the country? To be honest, after trying to predict scores this entire season, I have no answers. I will predict, ND 38 Tulsa 23

SeattleND (Moderator): The drive to become 2011's Missouri starts this Saturday. Or... not. The Fighting Irish owe me nothing and they owe you nothing - but they do owe their teammates, families and coaches. And I truly hope they prove this prediction wrong. Tulsa 35 Notre Dame 27

Weisass (Moderator): I'm glad I don't live close to Vegas or I'd be homeless on my predictions this season. Notre Dame vs. Tulsa is a flip of the coin for me because the Irish production the last several weeks. Having not seen the Hurricanes play this season I can only check out the stats and the teams they have played. Tulsa has beaten absolutely nobody of interest and the same can be said about the Irish. I will go down with the ship and never bet against the Irish but to be honest this one scares me. ND 35 Tulsa 17

GaviND (Moderator): Before the Irish hit the presumed soft three game stretch of their schedule, I had felt that WMU and Navy would be cakewalks. Tulsa, having seen them play twice, on the other hand made me rather nervous. After last week's showing against the Naval Academy, I was almost certain that we were done for this week.

But things have changed.

Attrition, has and will continue to be an issue as Ian Williams, Kyle Rudolph and Theo Riddick are definitely out for Saturday's contest, and Michael Floyd could potentially miss his second straight game, but this weekend, the Irish look to rebound as they play for something bigger than their own pride, bigger than themselves, and bigger than their place in history: they will be playing for classmate Declan Murphy whose life was taken too soon in a accident this week while filming practice. This week the Irish win a close one for Declan. ND 34 Tulsa 31

KurzND (Moderator): Well it's that time again were ND plays against a team that they should and will end up blowing out. The sad thing is that the win won't earn any respect. This is a must game for ND as they are looking to hobble from bad a loss and mounting injuries to another 6-6 record. Notre Dame 35 Tulsa 17

LRIrish (Football Forum Member/Guest Selector): This may be the most important game for Kelly and his staff to draw a distinction between himself and prior coaches that have failed at ND. After last week, ND fans sold on Kelly as the "next one" are having serious doubts and will turn on him quickly with another loss to a clearly inferior foe. So will Kelly and staff pass the test this Saturday? Yes they will.

His job of motivating his team got much more difficult due to the terrible events during Wednesday's practice, but he will get the offense back on track this Saturday and the defense will play an inspired game. On offense, Kelly will take the pressure off of his QB by establishing an effective running game through Cierre Wood and Armando Allen. Crist will get back on track thanks to Michael Floyd and Tyler Eifert. On defense, Manti Te'o will make a great comeback and have a terrific game as will ND's new nose guard, Sean Cwynar. In the end, ND will win this game comfortably 41 - 27 Top Stories