A Mother's Words - Sherri Carrico

We continue our conversations with the mothers of future Fighting Irish football players as Sherri Carrico talks about her son Brad, a verbal pledge for the Class of 2011.

As the first Notre Dame pledge for the Class of 2011, Brad Carrico looked to give Brian Kelly an early commitment that would open the door for others to follow. According to his mother, this is not the first time her son looked to use his natural leadership abilities. When did Brad Carrico first show his football talent and leadership qualities?

"From the moment he started playing football," Sherri Carrico told Irish Eyes. "He played quarterback for most of his football career until he was a junior in high school. He was a leader then, you could tell as Brad was always a little bit bigger and stronger than all other the kids his age. He has always done well and it was pretty obvious from the beginning with his size and ability. So from the moment he started I could tell, and if he was not into it you could tell because you can tell when he is very passionate about something."

Like most parents, Sherri Carrico has watched her son grow since entering high school. Now, with her son close to ending his high school career, has it started to hit her Friday Night Lights will be replaced with College Football Saturday's?

"It really hit me on senior night when we were standing there in the middle of the field. You meet your son there, they show up, and you're all together at that moment with all the rest of the players looking at you. A lot of them were very emotional about it and you get all caught up in the moment. It hit me at that moment in the middle of the field, that on this night it was about to be over. It was very moving and that is when it hit me, right then, and right there."

One thing a parent must get use to when they have a child listed as one of the top high school prospects is the attention they receive. How did Sherri find these sometimes-strange times?

"It was exciting of course, to have people know who you son is on another level. However, you're just living your life and high school is going on, so you're really not sure where he's going and who is interested or how it is all going to turn out."

"It was very exciting; Notre Dame is a great opportunity and a wonderful school. The academics are wonderful. The coaching staff we met when we went up there for junior day are great men and he'll be in such wonderful hands when he goes there with the people who are going to be his mentors and coaches. I'm 100% sure he'll be well taken care and so pleased they saw him as someone they wanted to recruit. I know he's a great fit there as far as the school and the coaching staff and I'm very proud of him."

As we have asked other mothers, did they get any special feelings when they made their visit to Notre Dame?

"Yes, I did. Absolutely I did. Pictures do not do it justice; it's a beautiful campus, and its overwhelming beautiful from the buildings and everything there. From the moment you step on campus you find it is everything they say and more. When there, you get a feeling when you're on campus you cannot explain. I have not been to a Notre Dame football game, but I hear it's a very special experience as well. I know I was caught up in it and I'm very excited about him going there."

One thing Sherri Carrico found to be a positive with her son's early college decision, was the ability to not think too much about mixing a senior season and a heated recruiting process.

"Yes, it was a very big comfort to know he had chosen his school early. We have been able to relax the rest of the year while enjoying what is happening. Brad just seems so happy and sure about his choice that is what made me feel the best. To see him come back from Notre Dame and see how much he loved it and could not wait to get there. It's a great feeling to have your son feel so strongly about something and I knew he made the right choice when I saw how confident and happy he was about it. He has so many nice things to say about the coaching staff, the school, and the other players he has met who he will be joining and playing with. I know Notre Dame is a perfect fit for him."

Irish Eyes will have more from our talk with Sherri Carrico coming soon in the latest "In A Mother's Words".

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