Irish Impress Scott-Emuakpor

A number of top juniors have already taken unofficial visits to Notre Dame this fall. Wide receiver Efe Scott-Emuakpor from East Lansing High School (Mich.) is one of them, and the Irish have made a strong impression on him.

It is important to get recruits on campus and the sooner the better. Efe Scott-Emuakpor (6-foot-5, 180-pounds) made an unofficial visit to Notre Dame earlier this season and despite the team's struggles, he was impressed with a number of things from his visit.

"They've been sending me a lot of stuff," Efe said. "I was at the Stanford game for an unofficial visit. I really liked it. Despite all that stuff that the team was going through the seats were filled. My parents were surprised. Other teams, if they started out 1-3, fan would stay home and not support the team. instead of supporting the team they'd stay home and the stands would be empty. The fans at Notre Dame still go to the games and support the team. I like that.

"Another thing that stands out to me is that everyone is so nice and they act like they care. The coaches, the fans, everybody is polite. The fans are really nice. There are some crazy people everywhere you go, but for the most part the fans are really nice."

Another reason there is a strong connection between and Notre Dame is that a number of the coaches have spent time in Michigan at some point in their careers.

"I think the fact that the coaching staff all started in Michigan helps out a lot," Efe admitted. "They're going after Michigan guys because of that. It makes things a lot easier. It makes it more comfortable that the coaching staff understands when I'm talking about a game, and they know the team that we're playing. It's just a good base.

"Coach Martin is a good guy and I met him after the game. It's good because he's from Grand Valley State, so my coach is familiar with him.

"Another guy, Lorenzo Guess saw me. He recognized me and my dad and came right up to us," he said. "I didn't know who he was, but he used to play AAU basketball with my older brother.

"Also a lot of t younger guys on the coaching staff are real nice. Dave (Peloquin) is another guy that was really nice."

Although Scott-Emuakpor speaks highly of Notre Dame, they aren't the lone school pursuing him at this time."

Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Northwestern, Cincinnati, Stanford, LSU, UCLA, Georgia, Alabama… there's a lot more," he responded when asked about the schools recruiting him. "I'm not in close contact with each and every one of them, but those are some of the top schools that I'm hearing from that I'm interested in.

"I don't have my first offer yet, so I'm kind of anxious to get it."

In seven games Scott-Emuakpor had 33 receptions for approximately 350 yards and 5 touchdowns. Top Stories