Whitmire In Town

One of the more important guests at Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday will be offensive lineman, Jay Whitmire from Williams High School (Alexandria, Va.), who'll make his first visit to Notre Dame this weekend when the Irish take on Utah.

Notre Dame is looking to add another offensive tackle to the 2011 recruiting class and they'll get a chance to impress Jay Whitmire (6-foot-7 285-pounds) this weekend for his official visit. IrishEyes spoke with his head coach Dennis Randolph about Whitmire about the pending visit.

"I know he's really excited," Randolph said. "For a while I didn't think Notre Dame was on his radar, because of the distance, but I think he's intrigued enough by Brian Kelly and what he did at Cincinnati. I think there's a lot of hope that he'll bring a lot of that same intensity back to the Notre Dame program."

Other than Notre Dame Whitmire is looking at Virginia, Pittsburgh, Boston College, North Carolina, and Duke.

"He narrowed it down to schools that were in a four hour radius," Randolph said. "He also selected Notre Dame and Boston College, because those are two premier programs. He decided that if he were going to travel and go away to school that those were the only two schools that he was going to talk to. He's visited Boston College last June. That was important for him to go there."

Randolph has been coaching Jay since he took over the program four years ago. Over that time period he's seen Jay grow into one of the top offensive line prospects in the country.

"He's very, very athletic," Randolph said. "He moves very well. He has very goods feet. He plays basketball and he can dunk a ball standing underneath the basket . He plays lacrosse in the springtime. He plays the attack position, so he's not just sitting back there, he handles the ball.

"He's a great student and he's a great athlete. He plays offense tackle for us. During the summer he plays tight ends on our 7-on-7 team. He catches the ball very well. If we could replace him on the offensive line, we'd play him at tight end."

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