Derrek Ross Talks Irish Visit

Ohio Class of 2012 offensive lineman Derrek Ross was on an unofficial visit to Notre Dame on Saturday for the Utah game.

Derrek Ross of Cincinnati (Ohio) Oak Hills High School knows he has work to do before getting to the college level. Saturday's visit to Notre Dame has shown Ross all he needs to know about the Irish if they become a school to offer.

What blew the 6-foot-5, 250-pound Ross away?

"The 80,000 fans in the stadium all going nuts were awesome. I love how everything at Notre Dame is so historical but still modern."

As for the visit, Ross explained what he saw.

"They took us on this big tour of campus and we got a chance to watch the team walk out to the stadium locker room. There were like 30,000 fans lined up to cheer them on and so neat to see."

"We watched a video presentation that was nice, and right before they went on the field Brian Kelly came up and talked to us. That was very cool. Coach Martin spoke to us and told us a lot about the school and all the tradition."

While game day does not allow for a lot of chatter with coaches, Derrek said he did get a chance to meet Coach Tim Hinton who recruits his school.

"We spoke with Coach Hinton a little bit and shook his hand. Notre Dame asked for transcripts and some film so we took it up there Saturday for them."

For the game and the play of the Irish offensive line, Derrek was blown away.

"It was amazing and a lot to handle. I thought the offensive line did a great job. I feel I can be there someday if I work real hard. The offensive line looked like they were very fundamentally sound and played really good."

After his first visit, Derrek Ross knows if Notre Dame ever offers him a scholarship, the choice would be easy.

"There is no way I could turn it down. I would love to go there."

We will continue to follow Derrek Ross in the coming months to see if he is capable of turning the Irish football staffs heads enough to earn a scholarship offer. Top Stories