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The predicted margin varies greatly, but for the first time since Notre Dame last took on an Academy, IrishEyes staff and moderators agree on the projected winner.

Tim O'Malley (Co-Publisher/Managing Editor): ND 28 Army 24 (Prediction column forthcoming.)

Jeff Baumhower (Co-Publisher/Recruiting Analyst): Everything will depend on the running game and whether Brian Kelly will decide that it is important to run the ball. If he has Tommy Rees throw the ball 50 times, then Notre Dame will find itself in trouble by the fourth quarter. If he believes that it is important to run the ball at Notre Dame, then the Irish should be able to control the game offensively.

Defensively, I hope the Irish come to Yankee Stadium with a better defensive plan than they did against Navy in the New Meadowlands. I'm putting faith in the coaches, and that they have learned their lessons. Notre Dame 27 – Army 17

Dave Berk ( Staff): Going into this game some might be scared about the results a few weeks ago against Navy. I am not one of them and feel Brian Kelly and his staff is ready for what Army will try to bring. The Irish offense will take another step forward, and the defense will continue to improve. Irish win 34-10

Morrissey79 (Moderator): Coach Kelly and the Fighting Irish finally turned a corner this past weekend against Utah. You could tell the staff had its players believing 100% in what they were preaching, and it translated to a lot of success on the field.

The defense was flat out impressive, the offensive line arguably had its best game, the running backs were serviceable and made an impact, and Rees managed the game as well as a freshman QB could be asked to do.

Now the team has Army and the vaunted veer option – will Diaco and Co. finally be prepared this time around after the Navy debacle? I think so!
ND 34 Army 17

KurzND (Moderator): Last week was a great victory in which the offense made plays and the ND D dominated. Kelly may have enabled the team to fully believe and they are on the cusp of bowl eligibility. ND comes out strong and confident this week against Army. Kelly and staff learn and have a few plays to stop the triple option that destroyed ND a few weeks ago. But please win or lose, don't let Diaco talk to the media.
Notre Dame 31 Army 10

BNolan (Moderator): Last week the stars (or lack thereof from a roster standpoint) aligned. Big stage, big pressure and the Big Apple. Recruiting...bowl game... etc. ND prevails, but not without some frustrating foibles. ND 24 Army 17

Weisass (Moderator): The two most hated sports teams are the New York Yankees and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. And in a splash of irony, this weekend the most hated college football team invades the home turf of the most hated baseball team. Have the Irish found their future QB? Has the defense finally found its groove?

Tommy Rees didn't do anything spectacular because he didn't have to. The real question is will he be able to step up his game when the Irish need him? This is the chance to get back to back wins and stay in the bowl hunt. Look for Cierre Wood to establish the run and open up the passing game. ND 28 Army 14

SeattleND (Moderator):In the grand scheme of things the won loss record this year is irrelevant. Changing three plays and being 8-2 rather than 5-5 would not make us any different of a team and we would be set up to be spanked in a BCS game…unless of course we got matched up with the Big East winner, who will likely be a 7-5 team this year.

The Army game in New York is a chance to prove to the naysayers that Utah was not a fluke -- or prove them correct that it was. It's also a chance to prove that Navy was the fluke -- or that it wasn't. As I said for the Navy game, this game is all about stopping the fullback. Do that and ND wins easily. Let the fullback run amok and it will be a tight game if not a repeat of Navy.

As long as Tim doesn't party too hard with the kids in the Village Friday night:
ND 27 Army 17 Top Stories