Marshall On To Keep An Eye On

While he still has two full seasons of high school football left to play, Jalin Marshall has established himself as one of the top prospects in the Class of 2013. Saturday night Marshall saw his sophomore season come to an end with a loss in the first round of the playoffs, but we caught him in action for the second time this season.

Make no mistake; Jalin Marshall is one of the best athletes we have seen this fall.  At 6-foot-1, 185-pounds, Marshall is a player college programs will have to keep their eye on and decide if he fits their style of play at quarterback, or, if he becomes a running back, wide receiver, or even moves over to defense.

Marshall has seen some compare him to Braxton Miller, while athletically Marshall is a great athlete; his overall quarterback skills still require work and college coaches will have to make the choice to move him to another position or keep him at quarterback.

Jalin Marshall Breakdown

Height – Weight – Speed

Listed at 6-foot-1, 190-pounds, Marshall looks close to the height.  If asked to give his exact measurements I would have to say he's more 6-foot even.  Has a solid frame and does look to be in the 190-200-pound range.  His speed is legit as he does a great job of hitting the corner with the ball in his hands.

Quickness – Agility – Balance – Strength- Explosion

Jalin Marshall is one of the best athletes no matter what class we look at.  Considering he is only a sophomore, he will have many teams coming early and hard to get his attention.  Great at moving laterally and does a great job of keeping his balance.

Jalin Marshall
Pat Strang,

Very strong player who can play on either side of the football.  Has not problem taking or giving a hit.

On The Field

As a player, Marshall is a great running quarterback with a decent arm.  Would like to see him throw more in the coming years as he has time to continue to develop his throwing arm.  Saw him throw in two games and he combined to go 8-of-25 for 103 yards.  He threw two touchdowns and three interceptions.

Marshall is a great runner and showed this season this is his strength as a player.  On the year, he rushed for 1,426 yards and 17 touchdowns.  One area he must improve is he had 14 fumbles on the season.  I watched Marshall twice this season.  The first time he came in as a back up (week one) and rushed for 92 yards and a touchdown against ok competition.  The second time came against great competition and Marshall was held to 21 yards on 14 carries and no scores.  In both games, he fumbled twice.


Marshall is a high-level recruit early in his career, but I do not feel it is because of his quarterback skills.  He is a great athlete and that is what has turned the heads of college coaches so early.  However, he still has time to grow and develop over the next two years.  Just the growth we will see in the next several months will tell us a lot about his future as a quarterback. Top Stories