Irish Game Day Depth Chart

A look at Notre Dame's starters and key reserves for tonight's contest vs. the Trojans.

Note: IrishEyes will update today's two-deep should changes occur prior to game time.

Irish Offensive Depth Chart


  1. Freshman Tommy Rees
  2. Junior Nate Montana
  3. Brian Castello (walk-on)


  1. Sophomore Cierre Wood
  2. Junior Jonas Gray
  3. Senior Robert Hughes

"W" Receiver:

  1. Junior Michael Floyd
  2. Junior John Goodman

"X" Receiver:

  1. Senior Duval Kamara
  2. Freshman Tai-ler Jones
    Note: Jones appeared late last week vs. Army but has not been played regularly since aggravating a hamstring injury vs. Tulsa.

"Z" Receiver (slot):

  1. Sophomore Robby Toma
  2. Sophomore Theo Riddick or Freshman Tai-ler Jones
    Note: Riddick dressed last week but has not played since suffering a high-ankle sprain vs. Western Michigan in Game Seven.

Tight End:

  1. Sophomore Tyler Eifert
  2. Senior Mike Ragone

Left Tackle:

  1. Sophomore Zack Martin
  2. Senior Andrew Nuss

Left Guard:

  1. 5th-Year Senior Chris Stewart
  2. Sophomore Chris Watt


  1. Junior Braxston Cave
  2. Junior Mike Golic or Chris Watt

Right Guard:

  1. Junior Trevor Robinson
  2. Junior Mike Golic

Right Tackle:

  1. Senior Taylor Dever
  2. Senior Matt Romine

Defensive Depth Chart

Defensive End:

  1. Junior Kapron Lewis-Moore
  2. Senior Emeka Nwankwo

Defensive End:

  1. Junior Ethan Johnson
  2. Freshman Kona Schwenke

Nose Guard:

  1. Junior Sean Cwynar
  2. Junior Hafis Williams
    Note: Senior starter Ian Williams remains out with an MCL sprain.

"CAT" Outside Linebacker:

  1. Junior Darius Fleming
  2. Freshman Prince Shembo

"DOG" Outside Linebacker:

  1. Senior Kerry Neal
  2. Senior Brian Smith

MIKE Linebacker:

  1. Sophomore Manti Te'o
  2. Sophomore Dan Fox and Junior Anthony McDonald

WILL Linebacker:

  1. Senior Brian Smith
  2. Sophomore Carlo Calabrese
  3. Junior Anthony McDonald
    Note: Sophomore Carlo Calabrese dressed and appeared from scrimmage late last week vs. Army. He's expected to be available in backup role tonight.

Free Safety (Field):

  1. Sophomore Zeke Motta
  2. Junior Jamoris Slaughter

Strong Safety (Boundary):

  1. Senior Harrison Smith
  2. Junior Dan McCarthy
    Note: McCarthy is unlikely to play due to a severely injured hamstring.

Field Cornerback:

  1. Senior Darrin Walls
  2. Freshman Lo Wood

Boundary Cornerback:

  1. Gary Gray
  2. Robert Blanton

Special Teams

  • Placekicker: Senior David Ruffer
  • Kick-offs: Senior David Ruffer
  • Punter: Sophomore Ben Turk
  • Punt Return: Junior John Goodman
  • Kick Return: Freshman Bennett Jackson, freshman Austin Collinsworth. Sophomore Cierre Wood could also appear.
  • Long Snapper: Sophomore Jordan Cowart
  • Short Snapper: Junior Braxston Cave
  • Holder: Junior Ryan Kavanagh Top Stories