Carrico: final steps to ND

For Brad Carrico the journey is almost complete as he's counting down the days until he reports to Notre Dame. Scheduled to take his official visit this weekend, Carrico spoke with Irish Eyes about the latest.

When a high school prospect takes an official college visit, many times they are checking out a school for the first time. For Dublin (Ohio) Coffman lineman Brad Carrico, this weekend is the next to last step before enrolling at Notre Dame. Who will be making the trip to South Bend with him?

"My mom and dad will be going with me on my official visit. This will only be my mom's second visit to campus, she is excited about getting back up there to see the campus and see the coaches again. My dad is always excited to get back up there. He's been back a few more times than my mom, so I know he gets pretty excited about it too with all the tradition and the fact I'll be playing there soon."

While most families look towards an official visit to feel they've made a solid decision, Brad feels positive things are all done.

"I'm positive all three of us are sold on Notre Dame. For me this is just another visit and a chance to learn about the campus a bit more and meet some people that go to school there so the transition goes smooth when I get there."

Being the first verbal pledge in the class has allowed Brad to take advantage of graduating early from Dublin Coffman.

"I'll graduate in mid January. I'll be taking my exams a week early so I have a few days off before I start at Notre Dame. This is real exciting because as a kid you talk about getting to high school. Then once you get there, you start talking about going to college. Now, that time has kind of him me and it's been a little crazy and hectic right now. However, I'm excited about this new chapter in my life."

When we spoke with Brad's mother Sherri she talked about the emotion of her only child leaving home. Is Brad starting to feel some of this emotion?

"Oh yea, there's enough emotion with it. But I'm more excited about getting to Notre Dame than I am nervous about it. Like I said, I'm real excited to get things started."

As for what he'll miss, Brad knows things are about to change in several areas.

"There will definitely be some big changes in my life. I've lived at home all my life and I've never really been away from my family. So I've never had to care for myself. My mother reminds me I need to learn how to do laundry and how to fold clothes. She keeps me reminded a little bit and it's a little surreal knowing I'll be doing all my own stuff and really living on my own. So we'll have to see how it works out with laundry. I feel like I'm going to have to get some help."

"I know I'm going to miss the support my parents give me on a day-to-day basis. I know we'll talk, however, it's not really the same as being at home and having a conversation with them face-to-face."

Irish Eyes will check back with Brad Carrico following his official visit. Top Stories