Farley: "Kelly is Golden"

Matthias Farley was one of a number of committed players to take their official visit to Notre Dame last weekend. Farley, a cornerback from Charlotte Christian School (Charlotte, N.C.) was sold on Notre Dame before the visit, and even more so now.

The look of the Notre Dame campus is a little different than it was in April, the last time Matthias Farley (6-foot-0, 195-pounds) was in town. Despite the drop in temperatures and the white stuff falling from the skies, Farley is already feeling at home at Notre Dame.

"It was a blast," Farley responded when asked about his official visit. "We got there Friday afternoon, then we went and talked to coach Elston, took a tour of the Gug, took a campus tour. We got to eat dinner in the press box and all that stuff.

"I'm not used to the snow, because I'm from North Carolina, but I liked the little dusting that we got when I was up there. It was beautiful. It's a good look for a college campus.

Being from North Carolina, Farley saw several familiar faces on his return trip to campus.

"R.J. Blanton was my host," he said. "We grew up in the same area. He lived about 10 minutes from me. When I went up there in the spring, I hung out with him the whole time, so I had met him before. Prince Shembo is one of my guys, so I hung out with him and all the defensive backs. It was a real good time.

"We (recruits) all got along really well, and we got along with everyone that's already there. Everyone's buying into Brian Kelly's system, so we I get up there it will be all good.

"The North Carolina people are probably the coolest people there," Farley joked. "R.J., Shembo, and Kendall, we all had a blast hanging out and telling everyone North Carolina is better than everywhere else."

There were nine committed players taking their official visit, including Farley.

"I had a blast hanging out with the guys and all the guys in my class," he explained. "I hadn't met them face to face yet, so that was cool. We're pretty much best friends now. I took it upon myself to give everyone a nickname. They're all weird (nicknames). We named Tony (Springmann) squirrel, because he's a big redhead and all the squirrels at Notre Dame with big red tails.

"We convinced Ben (Councell ) that he needs to be at Notre Dame, so he recommitted to coach Elston… so he's golden."

The visit wasn't entirely social. Matthias and his parents met with the Notre Dame coaches to discuss his future at Notre Dame.

"I had a meeting with coach Kelly," Farley said. "He just said that since I hadn't been playing football very long, and I was really raw, that he just wanted me to come up there and do what I can do and they'll find out where I fit.

"My offer is for corner, but people say I could play safety because I'm big enough. I don't like offense though, I like hitting people. I'd love to play safety. I feel more comfortable at safety than I do at corner. Then again, I don't feel comfortable anywhere right now.

As comfortable as Matthias was on his visit, he's thinking that his mom and dad may have liked it even more.

"My parents learned a lot," he explained. "They really liked it I think they learned more about Notre Dame than I did. My mom is obsessed with the place. She really likes all of the coaches.

"They had a blast. I wouldn't doubt that that they move up there."

And there is no doubt that Farley will be in South Bend next year. Despite the struggles on the field and several de-commitments in the 2011 class, Matthias has never wavered.

"I was never concerned, because Brian Kelly is golden," he said. "Wherever he goes, he wins. You can't bring in a new system, with guys you didn't recruit and turn it around in a year. The last half of the season, everyone balled-out and now we're rolling into next year which is a good thing.

"USC was a great game, and things finally fell our way. We didn't have a thing fall our way the entire year, so it was about time.

"Everyone is playing well and playing together," he said. "We're starting to get healthy, there's a swagger on the team that wasn't there at the beginning of the year. Everyone is playing together and when you're playing together it's hard to stop."

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