Irish Target Whitehead

Notre Dame has a commitment from one recruit from Monroe High School (Ga.) in the class of 2011 and they're going to shoot for another in 2012. Kenderious Whitehead is a big athletic kid that could play a number of positions on the defensive side of the ball and he has an offer from Notre Dame.

As often happens, when coaches are scouting one player, they see another player on the field that they like as well. That's what happened when Notre Dame was watching Stephon Tuitt. Monroe head coach Matt Fligg not only has one elite defensive end in Tuitt, but Kenderious Whitehead (6-foot-4 215-pounds) appears to be getting the same type of interest.

"Big involvement," coach Fligg responded when asked if Notre Dame had been recruiting Whitehead. "They've offered him. The whole country is looking at him. He's got offers from Georgia Tech and Notre Dame, but everybody is recruiting him.

"Some are looking at him as an outside linebacker, and some are looking at as a defensive end. I think he could play either one. They're going to see what happens with him next year. We're going to try to put weight on him, because he's going to play end for us next year. I think if he puts on some weight that he'll be an unbelievable defensive end.

"His motor is unbelievable," he said. "He's a guy that likes to paint his face up a little bit. He likes to carry a sledge hammer and chain. Tuitt is so mature, but he's not a guy that's going to jump up and down. He's just going to play. Whitehead is just the opposite. He likes to bang his head up against the wall. He has a completely different personality than Tuitt."

It's always difficult for Notre Dame to go into SEC territory and land a highly regarded prospect, but Fligg believes that Notre Dame has a solid shot at getting Whitehead's attention.

"Absolutely," Fligg responded when asked if Whitehead had interest in Notre Dame. "He struggled academically his freshman year, but since he knew it's all about academics, he is now pretty close to a straight-A student. I think he's got 3 A's and a B now. He's definitely an academic kid now. He struggled early, but now he's doing great.

"Notre Dame under coach Kelly has done a very good job of getting down here. I've been a head coach for 19 years, and I've talked to Notre Dame coaches in the past, but I never really saw a Notre Dame coach. They've not only been here, but they're been in other schools, because I've talked to coaches. They've done a very good job of recruiting this state and we've got a lot of good athletes in this state." Top Stories