Tuitt Sticks with Notre Dame

It isn't unusual for commitments to visit other programs late in the recruiting process...but it doesn't make it any easier for their initial choice to keep that verbal commitment intact. Stephon Tuitt from Monroe High School (Ga.) took an official visit to Auburn last weekend and he's planning to take another elsewhere in January.

Notre Dame has already lost four prospects from the 2011 recruiting class, and it would be a blow to see Stephon Tuitt change his mind about coming to Notre Dame. Tuitt took an official visit to Auburn last weekend, but for the time being, he will remain committed to the Irish.

"As of right now, I'm not interested in Auburn," Tuitt said. "The visit went well. I had a good time at the school. The players were great and the coaches were great, but as for me playing for them, I don't see that happening."

Auburn was one of the schools Tuitt had on his final list before selecting Notre Dame. After taking another look at the Auburn program, he still feels that Notre Dame has more to offer him in the long run.

"For Notre Dame, it's the feeling that I had when I went on my visit," he explained. "I know what Notre Dame has to offer for the years to come. I really thought about it, and I think Notre Dame has more to offer me that Auburn does. It's everything about the school (Notre Dame)."

"I'm not really uncertain about anything. I wanted to take these two visits to learn more about them and make sure of my decision. My entire plan about taking these visits is to make sure I'm making the right decision….one down and one to go."

The other school that Tuitt is going to take a look at is another school that was very high on his list throughout the recruiting process. It's also the local school.

"I want to see if Georgia Tech offers everything that Notre Dame offers," he said. "So far, I haven't seen that, but I just really want to know. I'm going to go over to Georgia Tech with an open mind, like I did when I went to Auburn and look around.

"I don't have a date set. I'll probably do that after the U.S. Army Bowl game.

"Notre Dame is where I want to be," he said. "But there is a small part of me that needs to be certain and have everything set in my mind." Top Stories