Sun Bowl Depth Chart

Senior nose guard Ian Williams is back in a starting role after missing the season's final four contests with a torn MCL.

Head coach Brian Kelly noted that the Irish have – with one pre-Christmas practice remaining – remained relatively undeterred by injury in their Sun Bowl preparations. Duval Kamara was withheld on December 21 due to a thumb injury that is not considered serious.

Irish Offensive Depth Chart


  1. Freshman Tommy Rees
  2. Junior Nate Montana


  1. Sophomore Cierre Wood
  2. Senior Robert Hughes or Junior Jonas Gray

"W" Receiver:

  1. Junior Michael Floyd
  2. Freshman Daniel Smith

"X" Receiver:

  1. Senior Duval Kamara
  2. Junior John Goodman or freshman T.J. Jones

"Z" Receiver (slot):

  1. Sophomore Theo Riddick
  2. Sophomore Robby Toma or freshman T.J. Jones

Tight End:

  1. Sophomore Tyler Eifert
  2. Senior Mike Ragone

Left Tackle:

  1. Sophomore Zack Martin
  2. Senior Andrew Nuss

Left Guard:

  1. 5th-Year Senior Chris Stewart
  2. Sophomore Chris Watt


  1. Junior Braxston Cave
  2. Junior Mike Golic, Jr.

Right Guard:

  1. Junior Trevor Robinson
  2. Junior Mike Golic, Jr.

Right Tackle:

  1. Senior Taylor Dever
  2. Senior Matt Romine

Defensive Depth Chart

Defensive End:

  1. Junior Kapron Lewis-Moore
  2. Senior Emeka Nwankwo

Defensive End:

  1. Junior Ethan Johnson
  2. Junior Hafis Williams

Nose Guard:

  1. Senior Ian Williams
  2. Junior Sean Cwynar

"CAT" Outside Linebacker:

  1. Junior Darius Fleming
  2. Freshman Prince Shembo

"DOG" Outside Linebacker:

  1. Senior Kerry Neal
  2. Junior Steve Filer

MIKE Linebacker:

  1. Sophomore Manti Te'o
  2. Junior Anthony McDonald

WILL Linebacker:

  1. Senior Brian Smith
  2. Sophomore Carlo Calabrese

Free Safety (Field):

  1. Sophomore Zeke Motta
  2. Junior Jamoris Slaughter

Strong Safety (Boundary):

  1. Senior Harrison Smith
  2. Senior Chris Salvi

Field Cornerback:

  1. Senior Darrin Walls
  2. Freshman Lo Wood

Boundary Cornerback:

  1. Senior Gary Gray
  2. Junior Robert Blanton

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