Carrico Ready To Report

With the chance to play one more game before enrolling at Notre Dame, Brad Carrico gave Irish Eyes the latest about his trip to Myrtle Beach, and the chance to spend time with some of his future teammates.

While Brad Carrico was set to enjoy his final holidays at home with his family, he got a call asking if he was interested in taking part in the Offense-Defense game in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The answer was an easy one for the soon to report Notre Dame Freshman.

With his addition to the roster being so late, Carrico did not get to play on the same team and the other three future Notre Dame players. However, the three spent some time together and Brad told Irish Eyes a little about Eilar Hardy, Jarrett Grace, and Kyle Brindza, his future teammates.

"Jarrett is a real laid back, funny guy. We both have the same personality for the most part and we get along well. Eilar is a very relaxed, laid-back guy who is fun to hand around. We come from the same area so we know many of the same people. We played a lot of the same teams so we like to talk about that."

"Kyle is a cool guy and he's fun to be around. We like to joke around and poke fun at each other. We are going to be roommates so we always just tell each other how each of us are going to make the other one do laundry and stuff like that."

In the next couple of weeks Brad will officially start his college career when he reports. He knows his mother is going to have a hard time when the day comes.

"I'm getting ready. I start on January 18, and mom keeps telling me she is going to have a hard day."

While Brad was wearing a different color jersey during the O-D game, that did not stop the future teammates from hanging out.

"Outside of practice we were together almost the whole time."

With his room assignment set, Brad knows the next few days will be ones he will spend with his family. In a few days' school and winter workouts will consume his time and thoughts of high school will slowly distance themselves from his memory. Top Stories