IE Breakdown: Nick Martin

There are certain qualities to look for in prospects when the film rolls and we have an opportunity to watch players in action. This is the first installment of a new IE feature in which we'll review several different aspects of each commitment's overall skill set, as well as issue a star ranking from 1-5 for each category.

We start with the newest member of the Notre Dame Class of 2011, Nick Martin of Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.


HT – WT – Speed: When looking at an offensive lineman we do not look too much at 40 times, unless they are way out there. As with the case of Martin, we do not have a time to really judge, however, Martin looks quick on film and that is more important than straight-line speed for his position. At 6-foot-5, 260-pounds, Martin has the height to work at tackle or move inside at the college level. He does need some work in the weight room, as he will see his body reshaped in quick fashion with his work in the Irish strength program. IE BREAKDOWN RANKING

Quickness – Agility – Balance: This is where I feel Nick is above average as a player. While Nick will need to work on staying on his feet more, he shows the ability to control his body movements and does a great job of popping up when he hits the turf. IE BREAKDOWN RANKING

Strength – Explosion: Most offensive linemen coming out of high school can struggle if you measure them just from their bench press. This is not what we look for in this area. Nick does a solid job of recoiling in his upper and lower bodies. In college football, this is where strength comes from. IE BREAKDOWN RANKING

Body Flexibility: Many linemen when they get to college need to put some work into this area. Nick will be no different, however, on film he shows solid knee bend and should put any issues to rest early in his career. IE BREAKDOWN RANKING


Nick does a great job of coming off the line as a run blocker and keeping his back flat. As we said before, Nick shows good knee bend. However, he will need to work on keeping his pad level low. Nick is solid in getting leverage and keeping control and balance throughout his blocks.

On film, Nick shows the ability to beat a defender by himself, roll his hips, and drive his feet through a defender. I feel Nick is above average in executing a down block while needing some work on getting to a defender on his outside. He does show the ability to turn a defender once he reaches him and sustain his strength during a block.

The film watched did not show Nick pulling so that is an unknown area of his game on how he will perform on traps. IE BREAKDOWN RANKING


The first thing I like is Nick's natural ability to bend his knees. He shows above average foot quickness and lower body agility but must continue working on his backwards drop while maintaining balance and proper positioning as the defender moves toward him.

Nick shows quick hands but needs to continue working on getting separation from the defender and keeping his hands inside the defenders hands. Another area needing work is Nick's ability to relocate and replace his hands when a defender knocks them down. He also needs to work on his ability to strike a solid blow to a defender. This is common in high school players and something coaching will continue to fix during the early parts of his career.

I like how Nick sets up on his pass sets as he does a solid job of sitting down and anchoring his position. He also shows the ability to move laterally and mirror a defender while also being able to change direction off a slide move.

On screenplays, Nick sometimes struggles getting engaged with the defender and has to over extend to engage the block.

Overall, I feel Nick shows solid ability in the passing game, however, some work needs to be done as Nick played more in a running attack in high school. IE BREAKDOWN RANKING


Nick is ranked a 3-star offensive tackle at this time; I feel this is a solid ranking for the abilities shown on the film watched. Much like his brother Zach, I feel his best football is still ahead for and Irish fans should be excited about his recent verbal pledge to Notre Dame. IE BREAKDOWN RANKING

Here is film of Nick in action. Top Stories