Irish Land Hounshell

Chase Hounshell from Lake Catholic High School (Mentor, Ohio) had previously been committed to Florida, but today switched his commitment to Notre Dame.

Chase Hounshell (6-foot-5, 250-pounds) was committed to Florida but today he made a switch to Notre Dame.

"It's true I did commit to Notre Dame," Hounshell said. "To be completely honest, when I woke up today I didn't have the intention of committing to Notre Dame.

"Coach Elston and coach Diaco came by the house today. I've been able to build pretty good relationships with them and they told me how big of a part I could play at Notre Dame, how good the recruiting class was and how good this team was about to be. They said that they wanted me along for the ride. They told me I could come in and start fighting for a position, so I committed.

"It was a surprised to the coaches and a surprise to me," he explained. "They were here for about two and a half hours. They already knew that I was visiting Notre Dame this weekend. I told them that I'd definitely give them a commitment when I visited this weekend. They said, ‘Alright, we can respect that.'

"They were leaving and we were standing next to each other at the door. I had a gut feeling, and I just went with my gut. So, just as they were starting to go, I told them that I wanted to commit to Notre Dame."

There were many reasons for Chase to stay committed to the Florida Gators, but in the end he just felt Notre Dame was the place for him.

"I think the decision came down with me being comfortable with Notre Dame," Hounshell said. "Being comfortable with the coaches, the player and the other commitments. I felt like there can't be better people than at Notre Dame, so that was probably the biggest reason for me choosing Notre Dame."

Although the Irish struggled at time last season, Chase is certain the Notre Dame coaching staff has the team headed in the right direction.

"The reason they didn't do too well at the beginning of the season is that they were just trying to get everything working. All I know is Notre Dame has a great group of coaches and they're going to get their stuff straightened out . You could definitely tell things changed in the second half of the season. Just watching the bowl game, they were a completely different team than they were in the first game.

On the surface, it looks like Notre Dame has five defensive ends committed for the 2011 recruiting class. Hounshell, along with Stephon Tuitt, Aaron Lynch, Brad Carrico and Tony Springmann are listed as defensive ends. Notre will likely start all of the players at defensive end and then ask players to move around if they aren't one of the top two or three players.

"I'm definitely willing to switch over to offensive tackle," Chase said. "I'll be willing to do whatever is best for the team. If they wanted me to play wide receiver, I'd do that." Top Stories