IE Breakdown: Chase Hounshell

Irish fans saw Brian Kelly pull in another top prospect on Monday with the pledge of Chase Hounshell. After watching several videos of Hounshell in action, we issue an overall breakdown of his skill set, as well a star ranking for each category.


HT – WT – Speed: At this time Chase Hounshell is average in weight at 250-260-pounds. He will be expected to gain weight once he is on campus working in Paul Longo's strength program. This is not a concern as he will overcome any deficiencies in this area quickly. At 6-foot-5, Chase is above average and the heigth any college program would love to have to work with. We do not have a measured forty time, however, Chase looks average to above average in this area.
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Quickness – Agility – Balance: On film, Chase shows above average balance as a defender and offensive lineman. I like what he shows agility wise on film as he does a great job of keeping his feet going forward and lateral. His first step as a defender is above average with him looking a little quicker as a defensive tackle as compared to as an end. IE Breakdown Ranking

Strength – Explosion: Chase is not a brute strength type of player at this time. He uses quick feet and his ability to move to gain advantages on the field. However, he does show above average explosion, and when going straigth, he has a solid pop to his first contact. IE Breakdown Ranking

Body Flexibility: This is a hard area to judge just from film, however, in watching several videos of Chase, I found him to show above flexibility as he does not look like he is struggling to get down in a stance or coming out of one. I also have great faith in Paul Longo and the strength staff in working on this area with great success.
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Character: Everything I have heard about Chase and my own dealings with him is he is a kid of high character. This fits in well within Brian Kelly's system as a "RKG" who not only produces on the field, but also off it. Chase will be disciplined and stable during his career at Notre Dame and coaches and teammates will know they can count on him doing the small things and being there when things are tough.
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Production: Take away stats, pancake blocks and all the other things some people look at when breaking down a player. Linemen who show the ability to play on either side of the line, with room for even more development are in high demand at the college level. Will Chase be an All-American? That is yet to be determined, however, he will provide production on the field during his career and will get the most out of his ability. IE Breakdown Ranking


Defense: Entering Notre Dame, Chase Hounshell will be given the chance to earn his way on the field as a defenisve end. In time, he could also see his physical growth move him down inside, however, we will judge with him on the outside at this time.

I like the initial quickness off the ball and feel Chase can compete one-on-one and be able to neutralize blockers for a short period. I do not see him being able to anchor the spot at this time, but this will come in time as he gets stronger and builds upon his rawness as a player.

Right now Chase would have some issues fighting against a double team. This is expected out of most high school players who are still developing their overall body.

Chase is above aveage playing against the run when it is coming right at him. He does a great job of standing up the blocker and then shedding to be part of the play. He also does a solid job of playing the run away showing the ability to skate and slide as he goes parallel with the line of scrimmage. However, it is yet to be seen his true closing speed and the ability to make tackles in pursuit.

In the passing game, Chase has some work that needs to be done. While he shows a good first step, he needs to build upon his techniques as on film he only showed going in a straight line. I feel Chase can learn to use his hands better and this will help him separate from a blocker after he engages.

I do like his body control and feel he will learn more about squeezing through small spaces while keepign his balance and getting over the trash. While other Notre Dame defensive line pledges have a better burst, Chase is more of an effort guy who will fight on every play.
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Offensive Line: After watching several different highlight videos and game film, I found Chase to have a great upside as an offensive lineman. While some may see him as a tackle, I could see where Chase would have a chance to be an even better guard.

Coming off the line Chase shows the ability to bend from the knees, however, he does what a lot of high school offensive linemen do by getting to high. This is common and is coachable and will give Chase better control and balance throughout a block.

At this time I do not see Chase beating a defender by himself on a consistent basis, this will change quickly as he gets bigger and stronger. At this time he is a solid drive blocker and has the ability to roll his hips and drive his feet through a defender. As stated before, I like his overall balance and quickness and feel he could do a solid job of down blocking while also being able to reach and get to a defender on the outside.

Chase should be of high ability to be used in pulling and trap plays, as he shows the ability to make his body small and adjust athletically in a small space. His ability to work with others would be a major difference maker in this area.

While Chase is solid in a running attack, at Notre Dame, he will find Brian Kelly loves to throw the football and being able to pass block is of major importance.

Because of his ability to bend, Chase should have no problem learning the finer details of pass blocking. On film he shows the ability to slide block, but did not show a strong kick step and would have to learn this to have the ability to man a tackle spot. This is a coachable area, and one Chase would have to pick up if he is moved to the offensive side of the ball as a tackle.

Another area Chase would have to do some work at is the ability to have a strong hand pop when striking a defender. This is coachable and a must for any offensive lineman.

I like Chase overall as an offensive lineman because of his athletic ability despite some of the areas he needs to work on. While Chase would have no problem picking up run blocking, he is raw in pass blocking and this is where he will have to put in the extra work if he moves to the offensive line during his career.
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I can see why Notre Dame made such a push for Chase Hounshell. He shows above average athletic ability with a high ceiling ahead of him. When compared to others in the class, some will question why the Irish pushed to get him in the class. However, Chase is the type of player who can have a strong, solid college football career and provide a lot of depth on either side of the ball. You have to have guys like Chase Hounshell in every class. IE Breakdown Ranking Top Stories