Tuitt: "I'm done"

For one day, Notre Dame had lost Stephon Tuitt from its 2011 recruiting class. On Tuesday, the 5-star defensive end from Monroe High School (Ga.) de-committed from Notre Dame and committed to Georgia Tech. On Wednesday night, after a meeting with the Notre Dame staff, Tuitt recommitted to the Irish.

Stephon Tuitt is one of the most important recruits in Notre Dame's recruiting class, and Brian Kelly wanted him to know that. On Wednesday night, coach Kelly, coach Bob Diaco, coach Mike Elston and coach Chuck Martin met with Tuitt to see if they could get him back on board. By the time the four Notre Dame coaches left, the answer was yes.

"Coach Kelly and the coaches came down for an in-home visit," Tuitt recalled. "That was the first time that I had talked to him (Kelly) in a while and I got some things off my chest that I wanted answered. There were some little things and some big things. We talked about everything and I got my answers.

"The little things actually turned into big things. Like what can you do up there in wintertime and what goes on up there. They're probably little things to some people, but to me they were big things."

A lot made of Georgia Tech being the local school and Notre Dame being far away, but Tuitt wasn't as much worried about the distance as he was about making a final decision.

"It didn't play a lot into it, but the distance was in the back of my mind, because this would be taking me out of my comfort zone," he said. "Talking to some people like my grandma, I know that I'm going to have a lot of support. I think I just got really nervous and that's it."

Recommitting to Notre Dame actually turned out to be an easy decision for Stephon. He had committed to the school for specific reasons and the reasons he liked Notre Dame never changed.

"It's all the things that I always liked about Notre Dame," Tuitt explained. "It's a great school and when I went up there I had a great time. Just thinking back to why I made my original decision, all the tradition, the history and the education… it was unbelievable. "

When asked if there were a chance that he would reconsider his commitment to Notre Dame in the days leading up to signing day, Stephon's response was quick and decisive.

"Everything has definitely been shut down," he said. "I'm done." Top Stories