IE Breakdown: Stephon Tuitt

There was a major reason Brian Kelly and the Irish staff never gave up on Stephon Tuitt after he switched his pledge to Georgia Tech. After watching several films of the Georgia native, we've issued an overall breakdown of his skill set with a star ranking for each category.


HT – WT – SPEED: Stephon Tuitt has the physical size and speed for his position. At 6-foot-5, 255-pounds, Tuitt has a frame to add more weight or just gain strength if he stays on the edge. On film, Tuitt shows above average speed for his position and has the spring you love to see in frontline players.

QUICKNESS – AGILITY – BALANCE: Great body control with above average quickness. Love his balance and the way he is capable of coming down the line and explode.

STRENGTH: Not surprised that Tuitt needs some work in this area as most players of his size and body build are still growing into their body and learning how to get stronger. Has all the tools and cannot wait to see him after a year with Paul Longo.

BODY FLEXIBILITY: Great bender and can adjust his body either for the edge or inside.

PRODUCTION: High-level performer who produces from his own production. Not afraid to mix it up and shows the willingness to work hard on each play until the whistle blows.


Stephon Tuitt shows great initial quickness off the ball and the ability to handle blockers one-on-one and anchor his spot on the field. As a pass rusher, his advantage has been his quickness more than his technique.

At the high school level, he did not see many double teams and that would be an adjustment at the college level. If teams do not put a helmet on him, they are in trouble as he shows the ability to chase down plays away from him using his speed.

Does a great job shedding blocks and shows above average skills in tackling as he wraps instead of just grabbing and dragging down.

Really, like the lateral speed and quickness as Stephon is able to skate and slide while playing parallel to the line of scrimmage.

Another area where Stephon excels is his burst when going after the passer. Several times, on the film I viewed, you see him throwing off the timing of the quarterback and when he is not in direct pursuit, he shows the ability to get his hands in the air knocking down passes in the throwing lane.


Stephon Tuitt has all the skills you want as a college coach. Size, physical ability, and the potential to grown in all phases of the game. This is a major recruiting victory for Notre Dame as Tuitt is the type of player that can make a difference in a defensive game plan. Top Stories