IE Breakdown: Bennett Okotcha

While others in the Notre Dame recruiting class may get more attention, Bennett Okotcha is one I am excited to see at the college level. After watching several highlight videos, we issue an overall breakdown on his skill set, as well as a star ranking for each category.


HT – WT – SPEED: Listed at 6-foot-, 175-pounds, Bennett Okotcha has average height for his position. While he could add a few pounds, it will come in time as he gets in a college setting. With long arms, Bennett is able to go up against taller receivers playing bigger than his listed height.

QUICKNESS – AGILITY – BALANCE: Okotcha shows great balance and agility while also having above average quickness.

STRENGTH: Love what I see on film as he is not afraid of contact and likes to give a solid hit or make a hard tackle. Looks solid and compact with above average strength.

BODY FLEXIBILITY: Has above average flexibility for his position on the field. Is a natural bender who can turn his hips with ease.

PRODUCTION: High-level production player as he shows the ability to support the run while still being able to defend the pass. What really should excite fans is his ability to breakup or intercept passes directed to the man he is covering.


There are so many things to look at when breaking down a defensive back. For a high school player, Okotcha shows the ability to make pre snap reads and make adjustments. Right now, I feel this is done with a natural instinct and with more coaching his skill level will rise even higher.

The ability to flip his hips, turn, and run with receivers out of his back pedal is solid and may be the best out of the group coming into Notre Dame in this class.

Bennett is able to cover a lot of ground and has great closing speed while also showing great burst on short area plays.

On film, Bennett shows above average ability to press a receiver and quickly transition to stop the run.

One area he excels is his willingness to lay a hit on a running back or wide receiver. I also like the way Bennett competes on the field as he does not back down from anyone. This will serve him well in college.


While he is ranked a 3-star prospect and the 42nd corner in the country, I see a lot of upside to be excited about. Bennett Okotcha is the type of player who will have a chance to pass other more highly ranked players on the depth chart.

Great body control and the physical build of a taller player, allows him to go up against the taller more physical receivers he will battle at Notre Dame.

While he may not get the attention of others, I feel this is a kid to be excited about as he progresses during his college career. Top Stories