IE Breakdown: Everett Golson

Just when it looked as if Notre Dame was willing to pass on a quarterback in the Class of 2011 they hauled in Everett Golson of South Carolina. After watching several highlight videos, we issue an overall breakdown on his skill set, as well as a star ranking for each category.


HT – WT – SPEED: Golson is below average in the recommended height many look for in a quarterback. However, he makes up for the height issue with above average speed and overall athletic ability.

QUICKNESS – AGILITY – BALANCE: Super athlete who could play any number of positions on the field. Above average in all three categories.

STRENGTH: Keep in mind when we look at this area it is not all about brute strength. Golson has great recoil ability in both the upper and lower body and shows explosive power.

BODY FLEXIBILITY: Bends above average as it expected for a skill player of his quality.

PRODUCTION: As a quarterback this area is two-fold as we look at how he creates production on his own along with how he creates production with the players around him. Golson does both extremely well.


With the majority of his snaps coming from the shotgun, Everett Golson shows the ability to set up quickly and be in position to make a play. He has a quick release and shows the ability to be accurate on short, medium and long throws with his throws have great velocity and in position for receivers to make the catch.

The one area he has not been asked to work on is going through progressive reads. This is not uncommon among athletic high school quarterbacks who can make things happen with their feet.

Golson shows solid leadership skills and handles pressure very well for a young player.

Throwing the football Golson shows above average arm strength and is capable of making all the throws you want a high-level signal caller to make. His passes have a nice spiral and show above average velocity without being too strong on swing passes or screen passes.

What sets Golson apart is his ability to avoid a rush and extend a play. This I feel is the area Brian Kelly and Charley Molnar saw making them feel Golson was a player they wanted in this class. The ability to roll left or right without losing arm strength or having to set his feet to make the throw, sets him apart from others in the class and perfect in Kelly's offensive attack.

The last thing to touch on is his height and what affect it will have on his ability at the college level. One thing I have seen in Kelly's offense is the ability of quarterbacks under 6-foot-1, to have success. Kelly does a great job of setting up his quarterbacks with throwing lanes so they have success.


I was surprised when I heard Brian Kelly had decided to take a quarterback in the class after the top names on the board made other choices. However, the more film watched on Everett Golson, the more reasons I see why he pulled the trigger and pursued the mobile signal caller.

Everett will have a chance to push those already in the program because of his arm strength and overall athletic ability. He will give Kelly a more athletic option in the future without giving up arm strength. Golson is use to the kind of offense he will be placed in at Notre Dame and should adapt quickly. Top Stories