IE Breakdown: Cam McDaniel

One of the more difficult members of Notre Dame's Class of 2011 to evaluate was Cam McDaniel. It had nothing to do with athletic ability and all to do with where he will fit on the field once he gets to Notre Dame. After watching several highlight videos, we issue an overall breakdown on his skill set, as well as a star ranking for each category.


HT – WT – SPEED: Listed as a running back / safety, Cam McDaniel is just below average at 5-foot-10, 190-pounds. While there is not much he can do about his height, look for him to add another ten pounds without losing the quickness he has shown at the high school level.

QUICKNESS – AGILITY – BALANCE: McDaniel is very solid in this area as he shows the understanding of how to control his body and is above average in all three areas.

STRENGTH: Shows nice recoil in both his upper and lower body and above average in brute strength. However, he is not super explosive.

BODY FLEXIBILITY: This may be the one area he will need to work on once he gets to Notre Dame. A lot of times, kids in high school spend a lot of time hitting the weights, and do not place the same effort in body flexibility. This is an area Paul Longo will quickly work on and fix.

PRODUCTION: Keep in mind this is not looked upon by statistics, rather how a player achieves his production. Cam shows the ability to make some of his own production, however, he is more of a player that achieves in the system he is playing in and those around him.


The first thing you notice about Cam on film is his toughness and style of running the football. His initial quickness out of his stance and towards the line is average, however, once he gets going he is hard to bring down as he fights for every yard available.

Does a great job of picking and sliding to gain yards on own, but lacks the elusiveness of top-level running backs.

However, Cam does give the Irish the ability to move him around the field and place him at several spots on the field to cause match-up problems. Tough, hard-nosed, and willing to do the little things make Cam an important part of this class.

The ability to catch the ball out of the backfield or even lineup as a receiver adds to his flexibility to the offense.

Should find early on field time on special teams and give the Irish a spot player who can make a big play when it is not expected.


When you build a solid recruiting class, you look for several things in the players you try to bring in the program. The willingness to stay within oneself and do the small things needed for the overall success of the program.

Cam McDaniel is an above average athlete capable of doing several things at the college level. How the Irish use him will depend on the overall impact he will have in the years to come. Solid overall prospect that will be heard from in some manner during his career. Top Stories