Brown is Ready for Signing Day

Notre Dame will lose three quarters of its starting secondary in 2012, so it is important that the Irish restock the depth chart with the 2011 recruiting class. Jalen Brown from MacArthur High School (Irving, Texas) is one of five defensive backs that the Irish hope to sign on Wednesday.

There won't be any hats, or any suspense on signing say at MacArthur High School. Once Jalen Brown committed to Notre Dame in July, he knew when this day came that he'd sign with the Irish.

"We're going to have a ceremony at school and I'm going to sign my letter of intent to go to Notre Dame," Jalen Brown said. "Once I gave my word I wasn't going to go back on it."

Jalen is very close to his family and although he had given his word to the Irish coaches, he committed to them before he had ever seen the Notre Dame campus

"It really wasn't that tough of decision for me because I have a lot off family in that area, so I'll have them close," Brown said. "I also know that Notre Dame is a great place to be and that it's the right place for me to be.

"The coaches and my teammates instilled a lot of faith in me, so I committed to them. The coaches helped me out a lot and the players were close and tight-knit. I felt that the football team was a family and that's what I have here. The team I was going to go play for, had to have that family atmosphere."

One of the players that Brown has taken inspiration from is freshman quarterback Tommy Rees. He admires Rees for what he was able to do as a freshman and he aspires to make the same type of impact in his first season.

"My favorite player at Notre Dame right now has to be Tommy Rees, because of the way he came in and performed," he explained. "He kept a cool head for a freshman and led the team to four big wins. Just seeing that he came in right away and helped the team was a big inspiration.

"I'm ready to compete and coach Cooks told me that they expect a lot from me when I get up there. He said that they expect me to compete hard for one of the spots on the two-deep roster.

"I'm really excited about that," he said. "I know Gary Gray and R.J. (Blanton) showed that they are good players the whole year. I hope I learn a lot from those guys and continue to improve."

Time will tell if Brown capable of working his way onto the field in 2012. One thing will be likely is that he'll go up against Irish All-American wide receiver Michael Floyd every day in practice.

"I know that he's great player, but I know if I can guard him, that I can guard anyone in the nation," Brown said. "I'll do my best. He'll probably teach me more lessons than I'll teach him, but he'll get me prepared to play college football.

"He's a veteran and he probably knows all the tricks, but I never back down from a challenge. I don't care how big a guy is or how good he is, I'm going to go out and compete every day." Top Stories