Councell Excited for Signing Day

The Notre Dame coaching staff wanted to get taller and longer on the defensive side of the ball. One look at outside linebacker Ben Councell from A.C. Reynolds High School (Ashville, N.C.) and isn't hard to see why the Irish coaching staff wanted to bring him to South Bend.

Ben Councell is excited for Wednesday to come and go. While there will be a signing day ceremony at his high school, he doesn't expect it to be too big of a deal.

"My coach is going to set up something in our gym and there will be a couple people from our local news there," Councell said. "Two other guys are also going to sign with schools that day, so it will be a fun little time, but it won't be a big deal.

"I've watched the All-American games and see those guys draw it all out. That's really not my deal. I'm not really into all that. There won't be any hats. I'll just being wearing a Notre Dame t-shirt and a Notre Dame hat and I'll just go ahead and sign with them."

Although Councell never backed off his commitment to the Irish, there was a time where he wavered a little.

"I'll admit I was a likely shaky on Notre Dame about four months ago," Ben explained. "I went to a game up there in the fall. It was a long trip. I had a tough physical game the night before and it ended late. We flew into Chicago and then had to take a bus over to South Bend. It just seemed like a long trip and it did seem like a long way away.

"I got a little confused and a bunch of people were telling me a bunch of stuff. People were asking why I wanted to go all the way to Notre Dame, and saying that it was so far away.

"Then I went to a South Carolina game with one of my buddies," he said. "I guess some people got wind of that. I didn't realize that it was that big of a deal. Then I started thinking and wondering if (Notre Dame) was the spot for me."

Councell has been a priority recruit for the Notre Dame coaching staff and they let him know that as soon as they sensed a problem.

"The (Notre Dame) coaching staff is awesome," he said. "Right when they started to get wind of all that, coach Elston flew down here to make sure everything was okay and that I was still committed to the school. That actually showed that they were committed to me and that they wanted me as a player. That was cool to see."

While the Irish coaching staff did their part to keep Councell in the fold, it might have been someone closer to Ben that calmed his uneasiness.

"My mom hadn't gone up there (Notre Dame) and she wanted to go see it," he said. "When I was starting to rethink things, she said that she wanted to go up to see Notre Dame before I did anything. So she went up with me on my official visit and we got everything cleared up. I just went back up there and got reassured of everything and got everything straightened out.

"She saw the academics and she talked to the coaching staff… she loved it. She asked all the questions that I didn't' think about asking. She cleared up all the questions that I had. We had a great trip by the time I left and that's why I'm so excited to get back up there.

"I'm excited about Notre Dame. I can't wait to go up there and I'm excited for signing day." Top Stories