IE Breakdown: George Atkinson

After watching several highlight videos, we issue an overall breakdown of George Atkinson with a review of his skill set and a star ranking for each category.


HT – WT – SPEED: If you look at George Atkinson as a running back, you have a player who is above the average height for the position. However, his combination of height, weight, and speed make George a special player no matter what position on the field he ends up playing.

QUICKNESS – AGILITY – BALANCE: Shows above average quickness and great agility and balance for a player of his size.

STRENGTH: Has above average recoil ability in both his upper and lower body. Very explosive player with room to grow.

BODY FLEXIBILITY: Natural athlete who is fluid in all of his movements.

PRODUCTION: Player with high production who can play several different positions on the field. The biggest question is where George Atkinson will end up playing at the college level. On film he is a polished running who has ran more on the edge than up the middle. Fully capable of making things happen on his own and the reason we have him as a 5-star in this category.


When watching film of a high school player you always have to keep in mind the type of offense they are playing in. George Atkinson was asked to run the football a lot on the edge. While I would have liked to see more inside running, the ability to give George the ball and have him make a big play is what you expect out of a high school coach.

On the plays where he does run inside, for the most part finds huge holes to use his great burst to reach the second level before anyone can reach him.

What Brian Kelly ends up doing with George has yet to be seen. Running back, wide receiver, it does not matter. Brian Kelly will find a way to get the football in George's hands and let him become a big playmaker at Notre Dame.

While I do not like to compare players, watching George Atkinson reminded me of two running backs I have seen in the past. Eddie George and Robert Smith are about the same size as Atkinson and have the same high pad level, long stride style seen out of the former NFL players.

On the majority of pass receptions, you find George allowing the ball to come to his body instead of using his hands to catch. This is an area he will need to work on but is coachable and I do not feel a future problem.

Add in his speed and George Atkinson is on a path to post some solid numbers during his college career.


As we have noted with other players, Brian Kelly has always shown high interest in players who come from families where a father has played at the college and pro levels. George adds to the growing list and for good reason as he has a very high skill set and shows the ability to be a major playmaker for Notre Dame in the years to come.

While only a 3-star ranked player, I feel George Atkinson in Brian Kelly's offense has a great chance to end up a 5-star college player. Top Stories