Sights of Spring

<P>Here are some of the pictures I promised. National Geographic won't be calling me anytime soon. I had the picture pixels set too large so when I had to downsize, I lost some sharpness. Anyway, I hope you like them. </P>

Jerome Collins is a freak of nature. The picture doesn't do him justice, check out his calves.

Jerome is playing linebacker this spring but many expect him to move to defensive end in the fall. Collins was listed in spring at 6-4, 250-pounds. Collins is know as one of the best athletes on the team. The Warrenville, IL prospect came in as a wide receiver prospect but moved to defense early in his career. Can he provide a pass rush from the opposite end of Justin Tuck?

Derek Curry starts as the outside linebacker for the Irish defense.

Curry has been playing inside linebacker for the Irish this spring in the abscence of starting inside linebacker Mike Goolsby. All the Irish linebackers are experimenting with different positions this spring to give the Irish flexibility at linebacker for 2003.


Incoming fresham Brady Quinn attened practice on Friday.

Quinn is pictured here with offensive coordinator Bill Diedrick. Many hope that Quinn will challenge for the starting quarterback spot soon. Quinn obviously has the size and appears physically ready to play. Quinn spent the day with Diedrick and Willingham also spent some time talking to Quinn.

Jason Beckstrom returns to practice this spring.

Beckstrom is back healthy after missing 2002 with an injury. Beckstrom is said to be looking very good in practice and should challenge--if not win--the starting corner position opposite Vontez Duff. Top Stories