Visit to ND on Hold

Kent Taylor from Land O Lakes High School (Fla.) will be one of the most highly sought after tight ends in the 2012 recruiting class. The Irish have been in contact with him and he's is interested in knowing more about the Brian Kelly's football program.

Notre Dame will be holding their first junior day of the year this weekend. Normally it is the local prospects that make their way to campus, but the Irish have been attempting to lure Kent Taylor (6-foot-5, 215-pounds) up to South Bend for an unofficial visit.

"I haven't decided yet, but I don't think we'll be able to make it," Taylor said. "I have baseball games on Thursday and Friday, so we don't know yet. We still might fly in early Saturday morning so we're still talking about it. I'm still not sure."

Although Taylor grew up in Florida, his family is originally from Pennsylvania, so the idea of playing his college football in the North isn't a major obstacle.

"I actually grew up a big Penn State fan, because that's where all of my family is from," Taylor said. "So I like Penn State, but I like Notre Dame because the tradition and how good they are.

"I think with Notre Dame, it's all the tradition and growing up watching the movie ‘Rudy'. Right now they have the best tight end in the country (Kyle Rudolph) and they just signed one of the best tight ends in the country (Ben Koyack)."

The Irish still haven't offered a scholarship to Taylor, but he believes that will change once he makes a trip to South Bend.

"I think once they see me that they're going to offer me," Taylor explained. "They said that I'm the gold-standard for all the tight ends that they're trying to recruit. They said that they compare everyone to me and see if he's that good, because I'm the No.1 guy on their list. So once they see me, I'm pretty sure they'll offer."

Notre Dame may need to get that offer out sooner rather than later, because Taylor has already racked up 18 scholarship offers from some of the top programs in the country. Notre Dame could work his way into his top group of schools, but at this time they are on the outside looking in.

"If I had to pick a top-5 right now, it would be Florida, Florida State, Miami, North Carolina and Oregon," Taylor said. Top Stories