Jones Has Great Junior Day Experince

Malachi Jones knows his way around the Notre Dame campus, but this trip to South Bend was a little different than his previous visits. The wide receiver from Central Gwinnett High School (Ga.) made his first recruiting visit to Notre Dame on Saturday.

Malachi Jones (6-foot-1, 182-pounds) is the brother of Irish freshman wide receiver T.J. Jones, and in the past he had come to Notre Dame to watch his older brother play. Although people around campus recognized him, this weekend was all about him.

"It was a great experience." Malachi explained. "It's one thing to visit the campus to see our older brother play, but it's another to come when you're an actual recruit. The entire junior day was awesome. Everybody recognized me as T.J.'s brother, and they took care of me and I enjoyed it a lot.

"As soon as I walked into the Gug, everyone recognized me right off the bat. I thought that I might come in with a low profile, but everyone gave me a warm welcoming.

"I'm definitely comfortable there," Jones said. "I've been to the spring game and other games, but each time I come up, it's a different feel. I do feel comfortable there. I could see myself going to school at Notre Dame. I think I would adjust and be able to play at that level."

Not only does his brother play and Notre Dame, but as most fans know, his father Andre played linebacker for the Irish under legendary coach Lou Holtz. Despite his lineage, Malachi was able to experience a special moment heading out of the Notre Dame locker room.

"What really surprised me was seeing the hallway and the stairs that you walk down to get to the ‘Play Like A Champion' sign. In all the times that I've been there, I've never seen the actual staircase and the sign that all the players touch every Saturday. It was definitely a great experience for me. My dad even showed me how he touched the sign back in the day. You never really cherish or understand it until you go through it."

Jones has not landed his first scholarship offer at this time, but that should come at any moment. Malachi is caught the attention of nearly every school in the SEC, ACC and the Big East.

"They've said that this spring will be a big moment for me," he said. "I was told that there will be 36 coaches coming to my school this spring to see me, so this spring is when I'll find out where I'm at. I hope to get a couple offers after spring practice.

"I'm going to hit as many camps as I can, but as of right now I'm thinking of going to the camps at Alabama, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Clemson, South Carolina and Notre Dame for sure. We are going to hit as many camps as we can possibly get to down in the Southeast region."

During his junior season Jones caught 45 passes for 638 yards and 11 touchdowns. Top Stories